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After spending some time in the satisfactory Air India Lounge, it was time to board our flight to Pune.

Nope, the below plane wasn’t our plane.

But it was also impossible to get a picture of our plane due to the angle of the jetway.

Delhi (DEL)-Pune (PNQ)
10 January 2022
Airbus A320Neo

Boarding had already begun by the time I got to the gate so it was straight to boarding from there.

After having a seat, one of the crew members brought around a tray with water bottles, mango juice, and coconut water and I went with water.


They also came around with magazines which of course I wasn’t too interested in.

The seat itself was great. Air India always does a great job with the legroom. The seats each also had a footrest.

foot rest
Power ports

The tray is a standard tray you pull out of the side of the armrest closer to the window and could be slid forward and backward as well.

The load was quite light today in both cabins, First was only 3/12 taken and economy was also quite sparse, but proportionally had much more seats taken.

We made our way over to runway 29 for departure and took off quickly and turned south.

wing view
wing view

Soon, the crew came around with non-veg or veg for breakfast options. I went with nonveg and even within nonveg they had a choice between an omelet and scrambled eggs. I wasn’t anticipating a further choice like this and I’ve never had this option on Air India in the past.

I went for the scrambled eggs option.


The breakfast was absolutely a solid offering as always and filling for a 2-hour flight.

The scrambled eggs were bland but well cooked. On the other hand, the spinach and potatoes were very tasty and well seasoned.

main course

The croissant was fantastic, it was warm and flaky and delicious.


The fruits were also pretty solid too but I skipped the papaya because I hate papaya.


Overall, the meal was fantastic and sumptuous for a 2-hour flight, a well-done job by Air India.

I asked for hot water as well after that and they brought it in a paper cup and they brought it out with some sweets,

As we got closer to Pune, the sun was starting to rise in the east and this is exactly the reason I chose to sit on the left side of the aircraft compared to my usual preference of the right side.


The all-female flight deck did a fantastic job with a smooth touchdown into Pune Lohegaon Airport.


We parked right next to a spicejet 737.

Overall, what a fantastic flight yet again domestically with Air India. Tne seat had absurd legroom as always, a meal on a 2-hour flight Air India does great, the crew was great. That’s all you really need on a 2-hour flight and more than what one could ask for.

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