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After spending some time in the Star Alliance lounge, I made the trek back to T7 to catch my flight to DC. Gate 72A was the same gate I had for my 757 flight to Houston a few weeks prior to this one.

There was a little delay in boarding from the cleaning crew, but it was time to get on board once that was squared away.

my 757

Boeing 757-300
7 January 2022

Boarding finally began with pre-boarding for 1K and Global Service members, then group 1 began for First Class and Star Alliance Gold members. I walked over to my seat 6F, which is my favorite seat on this plane.


Usually, a seat at the back of a cabin against the wall means the recline is restricted, but not in this case. The seat’s recline was perfectly impeded which I was quite happy with.

The crew eventually came around with cups of water for everyone as their pre-departure beverage.


Soon enough we pushed back out of the gate and started making our way to runway 25R for departure.

Takeoff Runway 25R

Soon after reaching cruising altitude, the crew came by to take orders from those who hadn’t pre-ordered anything yet. In the case of us, I preordered the Latin chicken dish.


Here is the dinner dish.

chicken with chimichurri sauce and rice

The chicken is actually quite good. This one was cooked well and it was juicy. The rice also had heat which is nice snd the sauce was a tasty, light, addon.


The pie in the sky is easily one of the tastiest most satisfying desserts United offers in the sky. It’s like eating a mini BJ’s pizzuki.

Pie in the sky

The fruits were also crisp and fresh


The meal was great. My only problem was that this is only the 1000th time I’ve had this dish on United. Ever since they brought back meals in domestic first in June 2021, they have served the same 2 dishes for the last 8 months. Hopefully, that will change going forward as they are slowly rolling out new options, but hopefully, they continue rolling it out fast.

After that trays were collected and I slept for nearly 4 hours before beginning descent into Dulles.


And soon enough we had a nice smooth approach into the ICY IAD. There was a snowstorm that blew through the northeast the day before so there was lots of snow that was all around the airport by then.


We had an early touchdown and a quick taxi to the gate. Overall, it was a great flight. The food was good, the seats were fine and comfy and reclined all the wat despite being in the back. The crew was fine, so all in all it was a great way to fly to the coast, but UA needs to change the meals. Also it would’ve been nice to have flatbed seats like United sends between San Francisco and IAD but oh well.

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