Review: Star Alliance Business Class Lounge Los Angeles LAX

Review: Star Alliance Business Class Lounge Los Angeles LAX
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I’m not too sure how I’m only reviewing this lounge now as I’ve been to this lounge more than any other given that it’s in my hometown. My mentality has always been “I’ll do it next time” and so finally here we are. But the Star Alliance Lounge is easily one of the best lounges in the country as a space to relax in and today you’ll see why.

Access Requirements:

  • Business Class Travelers traveling on a Star Alliance airline internationally
  • First Class Travelers traveling on a Star Alliance airline internationally (+1 guest on the same flight)
  • Star Alliance gold members flying United domestically or any airline internationally in any cabin (+ 1 guest on the same flight)

The entrance to the lounge is 2 levels up from the main TBIT concourse and has an unmistakable exterior.


Right inside hs another service desk that’s usually staffed.

service desk

The opening room branches out into several directions and this room is basically one giant room separated into many different sections with curtains. This lounge was very crowded but it’s always this way at this house as this was on a Friday night at the usual time right before the late-night Asia flight bank.


There were many different kinds of comfortable seating options.

more seating

I will say though the lounge staff was abnormally slow at clearing used plates and glasses from the seats…like really bad. You’ll see later on when we go to the terrace, a usually relaxing place, how much cleaning it needed.


And here’s that separation by curtains that kind of adds a little bit of privacy between sections and not making it seem like one giant room.

more seating

There was a decent amount of power port availability throughout the lounge though not along or next to any of the individual chairs.


There was also plenty of seating by the food area which we’ll have a look at shortly.

buffet area
seating in food area

The lounge was quite crowded today and even though it takes away from the coziness of the lounge, I was happy to see it as a traveler to note travels slowly coming back to normal.


There was even a TV room initially playing a lakers game that I was watching but after that finished it turned into football highlights.

TV room

Now, this walkway leads outdoors to an area where there’s terrace seating.

terrace seating

The outdoor seating is among my favorite part of the lounge. It’s quiet (except for the planes), it’s usually not that crowded, and there’s open-air which in the age of covid is nice to have.

outdoor seating
outdoor seating

The views were not too good on this side of Tom Bradley but the rest of the lounge doesn’t even have views so not bad at all all other things considered.


Finally, back inside there was also open-air seating facing into the rest of the terminal.

terrace seating

Food and Beverage

There was a pretty bar that was open air from the rest of the lounge.


There was also a soda fountain and a refrigerator that had a variety of beers in it, of which I had a typical German hefeweizen which was good.


Then there was the buffet which had a decent spread of items, but it was so-so.

cold foods
chicken and vegetables
cheese plate

There was another section with wines and juices.

soft drinks

All in all, the Star Alliance Lounge is one of the nicest lounges in the country by far, but days like today show you how the experience can be watered down a little bit when the lounge is this crowded, plates and glasses aren’t cleared regularly, and the food needs constant replenishment given how thin some of the options are with this many people. But free food is free food, and wifi is solid, and the space is always nicec.

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