Hello Everyone, welcome to the website of the YouTube Channel, The Aircraft King. Here You will find the full reviews with pictures for each of the flight reports that are there on my YouTube Channel. Trip reports can be seen by viewing the recent post on the left, under the “Trip Reports” tab for individual reports, “or under “Trip Review Index” for a view of all my trips and access to all trips sorted by the trip. I hope you enjoy and find great utility out of these reports to help you get a good overview on each of the airlines I have reviewed.

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  1. How you do these reviews on airline flights. Do you subscribe with the airline .? How do you go by doing these reviews.??

    1. Nope. I simply book flights to go wherever I need to go. When I’m at the airport, on the plane, I take as many pictures and/or videos for my reviews and youtube videos that I feel necessary to give you guys a complete picture as to what’s offered on each flight or what you can expect. Hope this helps and please do ask if you have any other questions. Cheers!

  2. What blog host do you use to get your content online? I’m asking this bc I am thinking of starting a travel blog page. I read about bunch of popular blogging hosts online, and only a small handful are free.

    1. I use WordPress. They do have a free plan but the media storage is very limited. I went with the small business plan which is $300/year and may seem like a lot, but the unlimited storage is well worth the investment.

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