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After spending some time at Mumbai airport’s fantastic Adani West wing lounge, it was time to fly off to Newark.

Since this is a US-bound flight, we had to undergo secondary screening at the gate itself before boarding. We did get phenomenal views of the aircraft flying us on the long flight to Newark.

United Boeing 787-9

Boeing 787-9
18 January 2022

Boarding finally began for Global Service and 1K members followed by group 1.

We board through door 2 and turned left into the main business class cabin. United’s 787-9 business class comes with 48 seats spread across 2 cabins with rows 1-8 being in the first cabin and 9-12 in the rear cabin.

forward cabin

My seat was 7L for the long one today and it’s probably my favorite seat on this plane for the engine views.

seat 7L

An amenity kit, a Saks 5th avenue bedding, a plush pillow, and the signature gel cooling pillow were waiting at my seat.

flight amenities

This should give you a pretty good idea of why I love this seat so much!

wing view

Noe let’s take a better look at the features.

Once you sit, to your left there will be a storage compartment that should already be open and inside it you’ll find United’s headphones they offer you for the flight. The water they provide was also inside but that varies depending on the crew. If the compartment is closed just put on the silver area that says “push” to open it.

storage space

There is a reading light you can push in to open and the button below it adjusts the light between 2 different grades of brightness.

reading light

Below that and along the center console, you’ll find the plug as well as the remote for the TV.

plug and TV

And here we have a magazine and reading items storage space

magazine and book storage

The center console is pretty spacey though I don’t recommend storing things on during takeoff and landing since it is pretty glossy and so things can slide.

center console

There’s also a coat rack to the left of the TV.

coat rack

United’s IFE is very responsive compared to most other airlines which is great.

TV and book storage

The right side of the seats close to the window had the seat controls which will allow you to adjust your seat to whichever position you’d like.

seat controls

The footwell was also a relatively decent space to store your feet while you sleep.


Soon we began pushback and the crew put the lights into departure mode


We taxiied all the way to the end of runway 27 as we’d need the full runway for our departure today.


After going for nearly full thrust for a long time, we had liftoff finally and a slow and gradual climb out of Mumbai


Dinner was brought out right away. I really don’t understand this at this point anymore. The crew is wearing protective gloves and masks to protect them, meanwhile, the competition American Airlines has full multi-course meals now.

The choices for food were Chicken methi masala, Anjeer Kofta, and herb-crusted rack of lamb.

I had asked for the chicken….or so I thought.

Anjeer Koftha

I immediately knew this wasn’t chicken so I called the crew member back and he was insisting that the dish was indeed chicken. But I am Indian and I know the difference.  For this meal, I settled for the paneer dish then.

The actual paneer in the curry was quite nice and the dal had a light kick which I enjoyed it. The bhindi aka okra was also really nice.

main course

The salad was a standard fresh salad including the beetroots.


The dessert option was this brownie.  It was chewy and tasty but still a lazy dessert for Polaris.


Shortly after bringing food, the same crew that insisted on my food being chicken also brought champagne. (United serves Nicholas Feuilatte)


Overall, for what its worth,  the food was decent no doubt. After dinner I asked the crew for a set of pajamas.

FYI pajamas are only available on flights 12+ hours and they run out quickly so make sure you have a pair for your flights.

Polaris PJs
Wing view

Finally, I set up the bed in bed mode and went to sleep pretty much instantly.


After waking up from my sleep, I decided to go ask for a mid flight snack.

mid flight snack + hot water

It consisted of some wrap with different vegetables and masalas which is awesome and tasty.


The mid-flight meals consistent of these wraps and sandwiches.

mid flight snacks

I was still hungry so I went back to the galley for more. Though this time I wasn’t interested in the snacks, I wanted the chicken dish from dinner if they had it since I know it’s good. The purser was working in the galley behind the main cabin and he was super approachable, so I thought I could ask him. I showed him a picture of the food I got, and I showed him the internal menu as seen below.


From here he pulled out one of the chicken main plates, and heated it for me.

chicken main

Now that’s more like it. The purser was absolutely awesome. Let me break down the dish for you. On the right is the chicken dish. The description labels this as “Chicken methi masala” though I’m not sure I would agree with that classification. The bhindi, dal, and rice were all the same as the previous main. The chicken was so good. It had good flavor, good spice, good cook, and was just all around good.


This is a long flight at the end of the day, so 2 of the younger FAs, both of whom were super nice, one of them being the purser, regularly patrolled the aisles seeing if anyone needed anything. They even spotted my tucked-away empty water bottle in the dark and replaced it with a new one.


No flight to or from India is complete without spotting some Parle-G.

amenity kit

Let’s have a quick look at the amenity kit contents.


It was well stocked with stuff that I always take with me after the flight for later.

It even came with a small packet of Sunday Riley facial cleansers which smelled good and felt good.

Facial cloths and creams

At this point we were making our way through a cold, dark Canada and into the US.


One of the older, grumpier crew members came and asked what I wanted for breakfast. My choices were either eggs with spinach, mushroom, and potatoes or Mysore masala dosa. Mysore Masala dosa is tasty but I really wasn’t trying to start my morning on a plane with that as it is a very heavy dish so I went for the eggs.


The main was a mixed bag. the potatoes were very good and well seasoned, the eggs were bland but well cooked, the spinach was nicely seasoned, and the mushrooms were bland as well.

main course

All the fruits were vibrant and crisp.


The muffin was dry but nice and sweet. I only had a few bites of this.


I also had some orange juice to start my day. Now some of you might ask why the OJ is this color? It’s because United is just using Amul’s Orange juice products since we are leaving from India.

orange juice

Soon enough we began our descent into Newark and it was quite a bumpy descent.


We had an early touchdown on runway 22R and a quick taxi to our arrival gate at the B concourse.


And here’s the United that arrived from Delhi just a little before us.

United 777-300ER
our plane

Overall, this was a fantastic flight and a well-done job by United. United’s Polaris seat is top-notch, the food was particularly good on this flight though I’ll give credit to United’s catering vendors in India for this one and not United as United’s food leaving the US is dreadful. The crew is consistently an inconsistent bag and this flight was no exception to that. But all in all, a good effort was put forward by United once again.

4 thoughts on “Review: United 787-9 Polaris Business Class Mumbai to Newark”

    1. No problem I’ll take it but what about the crew who insisted that he was serving me chicken? What if he served a vegetarian chicken insisting that it was the paneer option? What does that make him?

  1. Excellent information here, glad I found this website. Question…on this plane, some laugh the bulkhead due to more space but do you feel that’s too close to galley and bathroom vis a vis noise and other pleasant extras?   Between rows 2-7…is there a row you’d pick and why? Thanks

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I actually don’t care too much about proximity to bathroom. It’s not like economy where there is a line to lineup by your seat for the bathroom, and also given that the galley is right there if I’m ever waiting for a long I usually wait in the galley to avoid impeding on anyone’s seat space. Additionally, the bulkhead seat also provides good privacy given that you are closer to the window so you aren’t right on the aisle. Overall I would shoot for a bulkhead seat if you can, but if not, row 7 or row 3 would be the next best in my opinion,

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