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After spending some time in EWR’s Polaris lounge, it was a 5-minute walk over to gate C128 where our flight was departing from.

Boarding began with preboarding for 1K and Global Service people as usual followed by group 1 which is for Star Alliance Gold and Business Class Passengers at which point I boarded.

Boeing 767-300W
18 January 2022

I made my way over to seat 5L. Now the polaris cabin on the 767 is a little wonky and you’ll need to be sure you pick the correct aisle as that middle section is staggered in such a way that the A and D seats are only accessible from the left aisle whereas the L and F seats are only accessible from the right aisle.

seat 5L

The amenities provided at my seat were the usual Polaris gel cooling pillow, a plush pillow, a blanket, and an amenity kit. These are fantastic amenities for a cross country day time flight so well done to United for that one.


The crew came around and gave each of us a water bottle. The crew on this flight were very very good and fun too.

water bottle

Now let’s check out the seat features.

There’s a reading light that can open at the push and provides a decent amount of light.

reading light

Except not particularly now given that it’s daylight. The button below the light adjusts the brightness between a couple different options.

reading light

There’s a compartment space that, if it’s not already open, can be opened by pushing in on the door. Inside are the headphones that United provides to its passengers as well as storage for anything additional you’d like to put in here.


Right below that is a charging port, a USB port, headphone jack, and remote.

charger and remote

The island at each seat is decently spacious though I’d argue that the odd-numbered seats have much more storage at the island, and they are a lot more private in general as well. Pick an odd-numbered seat if you can anytime flying in this cabin.


There was also a coat hanger.

coat hanger

RIght below the TV was storage along with another USB port, and the tray table which can be unlocked by just pushing in on the tray table and it should release back out to you.


Along the window were the seat controls which were pretty intuitive in my opinion.

seat controls

The footrest is decently spacious though the bulkhead seats have more space.

foot rest

Soon enough we began pushback towards runway 22R the departure runway.

Manhattan views



Once we got to 22R, we began our takeoff roll and had a quick blast out of EWR.


Crew came around shortly after we reached cruising altitude and asked us for our choice of drinks and I went with Champagne. This came with warm nuts which I was happy to see return to service. The champagne on this flight was Nicholas Feuillatte which is the same champagne they use on Polaris flights.

champagne and nuts

The choices we had for lunch was either a chicken or ravioli and I chose the chicken.

chicken main

The chicken was ok. It was cooked pretty decently, however, the morel sauce was a little bland, and I’m accounting for taste loss at altitude too. The polenta that came with the chicken was creamy and enjoyable though.


The salad was the same dry rubber that comes out of all their US hubs.


The cheesecake was really tasty and enjoyable.


Once I was done, the crew took my plate and the crew member working my aisle asked me if I wanted any more cheesecake or salad to which I said no, but I was appreciative of the gesture. The crew member working my aisle in particular was very good.


About 2.5 hours later, the crew came around with a deli plate or hummus plate choice. I chose the deli plate. It had ham, salami, cheddar cheese, grapes, and strawberries, a solid combo.

deli plate

It was quite enjoyable though at this point I was stuffed which is a good thing that there’s too much food. The crew then also brought me more grapes while I was working without me asking which was awesome.

It was almost like my grandpa was working the crew today and was just constantly feeding me.


Here are the contents of the amenity kit which were really good. To have toothpaste, a full facial kit, and more for a daytime flight is awesome again so a great job to United.


Soon enough we began our approach into the LA basin.

downtown LA

And then we began our final approach into LAX runway 25L.


Once touching down, it was about a 5-minute taxi to gate 76 where we wereto be parked.

Final arrival

At the end of the day, this was an overall great flight. The seat was great, the food was decent and there was a lot of it, the crew was great, and the amenities were awesome for a cross country flight. All the big US carriers have special services that they put forward on these routes and United is definitely moving in the right direction.

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