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The C and D concourse has to be one of the most dreadful terminals in the country, but a shining bright star in all of this was the Polaris Lounge.

Polaris Lounge

Access Requirements

  • Travelers flying out of DC in United Polaris Business Class
  • Travelers flying intercontinentally on a Star Alliance Airline in Business Class (+0 guests) or First Class (+ 1 guest)
  • Travelers connecting same day to a United Polaris Business Class flight out of another airport
  • Travelers connecting same day to domestic flight after getting off a United Polaris Business Class flight

The entrance to the lounge was really pretty, but not as large as other Polaris Lounges. From there, it was either walking up a set of stairs or taking an elevator. As you can see, it’s not very many steps however I had a badly sprained ankle during this trip.


At the top you are greeted with a nice painting and a decision to make in which direction you want to go.



On the right side, there were a lot of the lounging style seats that you can find at other Polaris lounges.


The lounge opens up into a larger seating area.


The office cubicle seats are as good as it gets for those trying to work or even lounge around.

office cubicle

They have 2 ports and 2 USB ports which is awesome. Now I do think one change that would make this perfect is if one of those USB ports was a USB-C port given the growing number of devices that are beginning to become USB-C operated. Regardless, this is still very good.

power ports

There was a lot more of the lounging style seating as well as standard seats.


These have the same layout however its one power port and USB port per person this time here.


Then the lounge opens up to another room which has more of the cubicle seats and seating along the window. This might just be the only part of this concourse that has extended window views like this except for the United clubs.


In a more open part of the lounge is even more seats much like what we see in other Polaris lounges.


There was also a service desk which I made great use of as I had a few delays with my flight leaving DC.

service desk
cubicle seats

There was also a bunch of work booths which are nicely stocked with utilities and a great way to get work done which I’ve used numerous times at other Polaris Lounge locations.

phone booths

This was the “library”-themed area of this lounge.


The seating in front of the bar was also well placed, and let me just say how spectacular and beautiful the bar was. I was blown away and this might just be the prettiest bar of all the Polaris Lounges in the system.


There were some great views right outside the windows too that I was enjoying.


Food and Beverage

There was a hot beverage and cold beverages available throughout the lounge.

hot drinks
cold drinks

The teas were also enjoyable and I’m a huge fan of mint and green tea’s so I enjoyed plenty of those.


The bar, again, was very stunning and if it weren’t so early in the morning I would’ve put their mixology skills to the test.


Now let’s check out the buffet. I only have pictures of the lunch selection as the primary breakfast cook suffered an accident in the ice this morning and there was no hot foods to have, so they had to source some items from the nearby United club until the lunch cook came.

bread and sauce
winter vegetables
cheese plate
roasted gala apples

As you can see the buffet is quite expansive and definitely an enjoyable part of the experience.

Dining Room

But now let’s also check out the dining room which did actually open up in the morning.

dining room

The dining room was equally stunning, if not more stunning than other Polaris Lounges.

dining room

Here is IAD’s menu for their dining room. Sorry if the text appears small, I still haven’t figured out how to blow up images on here, however you should be able to click on the image and zoom in and the quality should still be good.

IAD menu

Once you take a seat, the staff there gives you another menu to look through while you are waiting to eat.


Each Polaris lounge has a couple of similar items, however each lounge also has unique items specific to the city you are in.

Fresh Pressed Apple and beet juice
Greek yogurt and fruits
brioche french toast
United Omelete

Bathrooms, Nap Rooms, Showers

Anytime you see a starry ceiling like this, these are all the bathrooms and they were clean, and beautiful as they should be this early in the day.


There were also nap rooms and shower rooms for use. IAD only had 2 nap rooms so the quantity is not extremely expansive.

relaxation areas

Waiting at each nap room is a nicely rolled up Saks fifth avenue blanket just like what you get on board, this is what it looks like after use, but it was a nice place to relax.

Nap rooms

Overall, this Polaris Lounge is fantastic just like its counterparts in other cities, and I’d make the case that this is the nicest Polaris lounge in the system. This might be because this lounge just opened and everything is still fresh, but other Polaris lounges are also still decently maintained so a really well well done job by United once again on the operation and service provided in these lounges.

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