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After spending some time in the subpar Lufthansa Business Lounge, it was time to get on board this spectacular flight ahead of me.

Lufthansa A350
Lufthansa A350

Boarding began with group one which is for Lufthansa’s HON circle members, Senator status travelers, and Star Alliance gold members at which point I boarded. Business class alone was actually group 2.

Airbus A350-900
18 December 2021

On board I made my way over to seat 5K which was my home for this 12 hour flight.

seat 5k

The seat itself was fine and comfortable, and if it was too hard or too soft there was lumbar support adjustment, but the biggest issue is privacy. Thank goodness I was traveling with someone I know but for individual travelers, these seats afford 0 privacy. And I mean literally 0 privacy as you can see from the seat above there’s no privacy divider.


At the seat waiting for me was a pillow.


Next to me below the central armrest was actually a hidden USB port which would definitely be useful to charge a device on while sleeping.

USB port

The seat controls were right in the center of the seat and were quite intuitive.

seat controls

The tray table was located in the central armrest and you have to push it quite hard to bring it out.

tray table

Towards the middle of the seats towards the bottom are 2 power ports.

power ports

In front was an openable storage space for putting items such as power ports laptops, books, etc.


And then of course, there was the footrest for storing feet.

foot rest

The seat had an adjustable reading light that could be set up or placed back.

reading light

To the right of the seat was another compartment.

We pushed back finally after everyone was on board, started up the engines, and began our taxi.


Once we got to the end of runway 8L it was off to departure. We had a pretty heavy load today so naturally the engines were gunning it at almost full thrust and around 40 seconds to takeoff roll.


The views were great on climbing.

wing view

Once we got up in the air properly, the purser came around and greeted all HON circle members by name and thanked them for being on board once again. She also had a nice conversation with them which I thought was a nice touch to add to the personalization of the service.

Now here’s a look at the menu for today’s flight which was handed our during boarding:


Service finally started with a drink cart making its way around. I went for champagne and it came with nuts.


Crew also asked if I wanted water and I went with sparkling water.

sparkling water

At this point, I quickly went to the bathroom and noticed this section of hard drinks alongside their drinks cart.


Little while after, the meal service came around, and I went for the beef starter with the fish main.

lunch boxed

The fish was quite tasty with the sauce, and the cook was very good for an airplane fish. The rice and leeks were also really good.

main course

As for the beef starter, the tanginess from the cranberry and the sweetness from the mango along with the actual beef was a tasty and delightful combo.

bread + butter

The other main course was a goose dish along with a spiced salmon appetizer.


At this point, the crew came around and asked if we wanted refills or what we wanted to drink. I went with the riesling and the crew asked if I had already had the riesling. I hadn’t so she actually changed my glass which I really appreciated the attention to detail.


Dessert was ice cream, a cheese plate, some truffles, and crackers.

cheese + ice cream

The cheese plate consisted of Lenggenwil Country Cheese, Montagnolo Blue Cheese and French Soft Goat Cheese with Date Sesame Honey Chutney, Grapes. Overall another tasty cheese plate and a nice part of the meal.

cheese plate
Ice cream

The ice cream was tasty as well.

At this point the crew had also setup a mid-flight snack in the galley so here’s all the options they put out:


As we started to get to the midflight point of the flight, the crew brought around mini plates of fruits, sandwiches, and a kind of dessert.

I had the sandwich and the fruits.


At this point, I was tired and decided to take a nap. The mattress pad provided was nice and the pillow was comfortable so I fell asleep pretty easily.

bed mode

About 1.5 hours before landing, it was time for the second meal option. I went with the hot option.

meal option

The hot option turned out to be Indian food which was definitely interesting given that we were flying from Germany to the US.

hot option

As an Indian, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The paneer was soft and tasty, the rice was nicely cooked, and the chole aka garbanzo beans there on the left was pretty flavorful. I’m still questioning why this was served but it was solid.

hot meal option

The roti was also well heated


Dessert was caramel and almond crumble and oh boy this was so good. The cream, the crumble underneath, everything together was just so so good I could’ve eaten this many times over.


The cold option was a roast beef and potato salad and this was also a tasty dish. The potatoes were a little bit tangy which I thought went well with the beef.

cold main option

I also asked for water after and the crew gave these giant bottles.


Eventually we began descent and made our way into the LA basin and were treated to the usual LA views like DTLA.

We touched down around 30 min early and had a 5 min taxi to our gate at Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Overall, this was a fantastic flight. The seats were comfy but enjoyable since my neighbor was someone I knew given how close I was sitting to them. Thankfully new seats are on the way eventually. Though otherwise, the crew was fantastic, the food was amazing. This might have been one of my best overall meal flights ever. Kudos to LH and a well-done flight made 12 hours seem like nothing.

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