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Lufthansa currently only has 1 of its 2 non-Schengen lounges open in Munich Airport, and this the one I used. I had access to the Senator side due to Gold status, but it was way way way too crowded I couldn’t find a place to sit, so I decided to check out the business side, which wasn’t as good.

Access Requirements

  • Business Class travelers on Lufthansa or another Star Alliance Carrier
  • United Club Members and Air Canada Worldwide Maple Leaf Club  members
  • Star Alliance Gold members traveling on a Star Alliance airline (+1 guest), these travelers can use the superior Senator lounge
  • American Express Platinum Cardholders on Swiss, Lufthansa, or Austrian
LH lounge

The lounge had a clear entrance beyond which we turned right to the business class side. First thing there was was baggage storage cabinets.



business class lounge signage

The lounge was themed up for Christmas decorations.

christmas tree

This lounge was not especially big though I suppose it had somewhat enough seating for the usual volume of passengers at this time.


There was also a nice departure board.

departure board
high top table seating

On one side of the planter, you had more open seating and on the other side there was more hidden away seating.

high top seating

Each of these high-top seats also had glasses with water which was a really nice feature I thought.


Towards the back was a buffet and more seating, for which we’ll have a better look at the buffet in a short bit.


There were table-like seats by the food and drinks area.


Here’s a final overview of just how small this lounge is, the lounge that’s supposed to serve all long-haul departures out of Munich.


The back of the lounge had this seating area with plush couches. While the couches were comfy, this area was crowded.

Food and Beverages

There was a decent spread of drinks.

Coffee Machine
soft drinks and tea bags
beer on tap
more beer

Now the food options were absolutely pathetic. This has to be one of the worst selections I’ve seen for a lounge that caters to the number of passengers that it does.

The cheese and salami were quite tasty.

salami and cheese
fruits and yogurt

Now for the hot options there were 2 choices: unseasoned boiled mushrooms….


…and unseasoned eggs.


There were some pretzels and croissants though they were so hard you could use them as a weapon.

croissant and pretzel

There were some sweets as well.


Showers and Bathroomns

This lounge also had shower and bathroom facilities. These were shared between the Senator and Business Class lounges and Senator Lounge users were given higher priority showers at the time I was there.


All things considered, this lounge is below average for what it should be. Their business class lounges have always been this way, but they should be more. The food options are bad, the seating options are minimal, but at least the wifi was good and the staff was decent.

One thought on “Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Munich MUC Gate H24(Non-Schengen)”

  1. I am in Munich for about 6 hours stay over at the Gates 31-32 and went to the Lufthansa Airport Lounge to inquire how to use the lounges. An older chubby lady said, “it’s not possible, do you have American Express or member of Lufthansa or Star Alliance?” I was floored and insulted by the employee. Is this how Lufthansa and American Express Lounges treat their customers? It’s a shame to be a member of the American Express Club and Lufthansa Star Alliance and United Airlines! Shame!

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