Review: The Ritz Carlton Bangalore

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I stayed in the Ritz Carlton Bangalore for one night and it was a fantastic stay in nearly every regard.

The Hotel

Upon arriving at the hotel, there’s a gate where security inspects your vehicle before they let you in, and if you are walking onto the property, you can just walk through the gate, but there will be a metal detector and bag scanner further down.


The entrance was grand, and beautiful with a lot of greenery around it.


There were a few shops lined up along the outside on the way to the main door.


This is where cars can come and drop off or pick you up after you arrive.

car drop off

Upon entering you take the elevators up one floor to the main reception area.

reception lobby

Here there’s a few staff members warmly waiting to greet you.

Reception Desk

There was also the entrance to the main dining area where breakfast would be served. We’ll take a much closer look at this later.

Dining room

At the reception, while they are taking care of check-in formalities, there was another individual who brought some fruit juice which was refreshing, but sweet.

welcome drink

The elevator lobby was just around the corner. I did enjoy the subtle sandalwood fragrance that the entire hotel had about it.

elevator lobby

Eventually, I got to my room door which had a nice design about it as well.

The Room

room door

The room opening was a standard room.


The cabinet to the right had lots of hangars and a bathrobe for use.


The drawer below had slippers.


The cabinet also had a Ritz Carlton branded bag.

Ritz Carlton bag

There was also a standard safe to store any valuables during your stay.


Right outside the bathroom was a full length mirror.


There was a snack bar with water bottles and additional drinks and snacks. The water bottles, wines, and snacks were not free so they would be charged to the room if taken, but the water kettle and coffee machine were free.


The bathroom was pretty big with a full bathtub, shower, and bathroom.


The shower was an overhead shower and should cover most height ranges.


There were premium shower amenities but I always travel with my own toiletries so I didn’t use these.


The bathtub also had similar amenities for use. It was all nicely laid out.


The sink also had lots of toiletries and there were more water bottles for purchase.


Below, the sink had a towel as well as a hair dryer.

hair dryer

The toilet was also in a separate room and had a telephone next it.


The room had a nice warm color theme going to it.


The bedside counter had an international-grade power port along with a USB port.

Side table

The view outside had a decent view of the city of Bangalore too.

city view

The light can get intense sometimes from the sun so there were nicely designed curtains to keep the heat out.


The table also had all kinds of plugs that supported charging devices as well as connections for external monitors if you had any. It was quite impressive and unlike anything, I had seen in a hotel room before.


The opposite side bedside had a similar setup as the other one.

bed side counter

The hotel also had the option for laundry for a fee along with other services for clothes.

laundry + dry cleaning
bathroom wall plug

The downstairs are and different parts of the hotel were in general pretty to look at.

Other Hotel Features

Features of Ritz Carlton

Here you can also find all the different restaurants and amenities at this hotel.


For now, we’ll check out the restaurant “The Lantern” which is an Asian restaurant available here.

The Lantern
The Lantern
The Lantern
Shrimp Fried Rice

All the food was really really good and flavorful. I’m not sure I would call that dessert a mousse like how the menu did, but it was solid nonetheless.

The Lantern

The restaurant is attached to the hotel, but there’s a bit of a walk to get back to the main section of the hotel.


The walk is lined and surrounded with plenty of different complementary seating areas.

More seating

The Breakfast

Now let me show you the breakfast. This hotel has free breakfast in the mornings for all guests which for a Ritz Carlton, you really wouldn’t find anywhere in the Western world these days.

There were a variety of Western options for starters:

Hot Western items
cold cuts

Then there was a whole section of Indian breakfast items.

Indian breakfast
chicken curry
chilled condiments
milk and yogurts
waffle station
muffins, donuts, and pastries

And below is the general seating area for breakfast.


The breakfast selection was very impressive and among the best I’ve seen in a hotel anywhere in the world. There’s hot and cold western options, hot and cold local Indian options, pastries, waffles, yogurt, cereals, and other things on demand like dosas and eggs should you wish. That is as comprehensive as it gets.

Overall, the Ritz Carlton Bangalore is a fantastic hotel for its value. This hotel in other higher-cost countries would be hundreds of dollars per night with only the bare minimum amenities provided complimentary however here it’s usually under $200/night and breakfast is complimentary which I would say is probably the most important perk a hotel can provide. I am also certain that this was not provided because of my Marriott status but rather it’s free for everyone.

Well well done by the Ritz.

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