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After spending time at Lufthansa’s nice and sharp lounge in Berlin, it was time for a short flight to Munich.


Lufthansa A319-100

Airbus A319-100
18 December 2021

Once boarding, I went to my seat in the very last row of the business class cabin. The European business class size is dependent on the number of people that book it and these flights are more inclined to increase the size of the business cabin if it deems suitable. The overhead curtains are flexible and can be moved to any row at all depending on the demand for business class/economy class.


The seats themselves were thin but there was ample legroom for the flight to Munich and even beyond to be honest.


We had an on time departure and a quick climb to cruise. We were treated to some amazing views along the way.


Within a short bit of reaching our cruising altitude, breakfast was brought around. It was a single option for everyone.



breakfast unboxed

The main dish was a cold plate that had swiss cheese, ham, grapes that were crispy and nicely sweet, some raisins, and a nice cheese spread. I have a soft spot for cheese plates, so I enjoyed this and I genuinely thought it was good.

cheese plate

The bread was warm and slightly crispy


This pastry was sweet and tasty, and slightly sour from the cranberries.


Shortly after bringing drinks the crew also brought drinks of choice for which I went for OJ on this super early flight.

orange juice

This was just a 55 minute flight so in no time we began our descent into Munich and through the clouds had a soft touchdown.

final approach
final approach
taxi to gate

Overall, this was a pretty quick and smooth flight, the food was good, the service was quick and efficient. Overall a job well done by Lufthansa, this is as good as one can and should expect for a flight this short.

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