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Lufthansa has 2 Schengen lounges in Munich, one of them is temporarily closed as of the time of this post, which leaves one open, but quite full as a result. Regardless, it’s a decent lounge with solid options.

Access Requirements

  • Business Class travelers on Lufthansa or another Star Alliance Carrier
  • United Club Members and Air Canada Worldwide Maple Leaf Club  members
  • Star Alliance Gold members traveling on a Star Alliance airline (+1 guest), these travelers can use the superior Senator lounge
  • American Express Platinum Cardholders on Swiss, Lufthansa, or Austrian

We were star alliance gold and could use the Senator lounge but for some reason, the Senator lounge was beyond crowded to the point that there were no open seats so we decided to use the business lounge.


The entrance is a little caved away from the main terminal walkways but there are lots of signs making sure you wouldn’t miss the lounge if you wanted to use it. Once at the desk, I scanned our boarding passes, the agent checked my gold card and let us through to the senator side. But we are reviewing the business side as the senator side was overcrowded.

lounge entrance


From there you go up a set of stairs and here you are inside the business lounge. It was a decently sized open space.

main room

To the right is actually the exit to the lounge, so you end up one floor above the entrance to the lounge when you exit.


There were lots of sofa-like seats throughout the lounge, though these ones were more secluded than the rest.

sofa seats

And some more…

sofa seats

The good thing is there were standard German outlets in between each seat available for use and I certainly made use of this.

power outlets

In the central part of the lounge, there were high-top seats with water in the middle which was a nice touch. I would say for the sake of my back and posture I would probably never sit in these seats but they are still there for anyone’s use.

high top seating

Alongside the window, there were more sofa-like seats and these were more popular I would say.

couch seats

Around the food buffet, which we’ll have a look at in a second, there were table like seats which I would say were more optimal as people could eat more easily than they would be able to in a couch.


And finally to the back of the lounge was where there was a larger concentration of the same couch-style seating seen throughout the rest of the lounge.


Towards the rear end of the lounge there was more table-like seating as seen in earlier pictures as well.

table seats

The central part of the lounge had a long sofa-like section with tables coming off them.

sofa seats

There was even luggage storage and a departure board though I don’t think anyone at the time had enough layover time to make use of this.

luggage storage

And in a section of the lounge that was a little tough to find there were more quiet office-style seats, though this section was surprisingly popular. The full lounge must be a spillover from the senator lounge which really shouldn’t be as busy as this lounge.


Food and Beverages


The high-top tables had water for drinking as mentioned earlier and the lemon added a nice refreshing flavor to it.


The main buffet section where all the food was was also where all the drinks were.


It was all pretty much self serve but the things you could make from what they had were endless, and the choices of glasses to use were limitless as well.


We are in Bavaria so of course there was beer as well.


There were also tea bags to go along with hot water.

tea bags and lemon
soft drinks
hot drinks

Further into the lounge in a different section there was another stand with hot drinks here for consumption as well.

hot drinks


The buffer was in a pretty open part of the lounge and you couldn’t miss it.


They did have a good number of options to choose from for a Schengen lounge.

cheesecake custard

Since we are in Bavaria, of course they have a couple different kinds of pretzels as well.


I would say the number of food options was pretty good for what you could expect out of a Schengen lounge’s food options, so kudos to LH for that, and the Senator lounge had even better options.

Bathrooms and Showers

This lounge has bathrooms of course, but also has shower facilities which is great.


There is an attendant there for showers should you choose to use it. I don’t have any pictures of the shower because I didn’t use it but it is available.

I thought the lounge was decent and functional for the purpose it served. There was a good variety of seats, food, drinks, restrooms, and showers for use for serving such short flights is always a plus. This is definitely a good place to relax if you are able to make use of this lounge and its features, though at times it can get crowded.

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