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After spending some time in the Lufthansa lounge, it was time for a quick 2-hour flight over to Vienna.

Boarding was swift and began with groups 1 and 2 which were for HON Circle members and business class/Senator status/Star Gold status travelers, respectively. Groups 3-5 comprised general boarding and your zone were based on where you sat.

18 July 2022
Airbus A320-200

Austrian A320-200



After what seemed like a mile of walking from the extended jetway to get to our plane, I…..still had another mile to walk, but at least I got this cool pic of our plane.


After boarding, I made my way over to seat 6A which is a window seat on the left side of the plane.

window seat

After boarding was complete we made our way to runway 27L which was our departure runway.


I caught some cool plane shots on the way over.

British 787-9
Thai 777-300ER
Air Canada 787-9 and Singapore Airlines A380-800

The views of Star Alliance traffic from T2 are always fun to watch.


Soon enough though we were off and on our way to Vienna.


And shortly after en route through the English channel.


This was the biggest surprise to me. The service was just water. And it wasnt a flight length issue, everything else you had to pay for. So things like Orange juice, or soft drinks that would be free on other carriers you had to pay for them on Austrian, and that was crazy.


At least I got one of Austrian’s signature chocolates which was good but I didn’t eve get water on the flight as the crew casually skipped over me.

Soo enough, we began our descent into Vienna.


After a scenic approach, we touched down and made our way over to a remote gate and deplaned by stairs.


It was a warm day in Vienna for sure but the views were still great.


Overall, the flight was standard, but the service was very disappointing. To only have water and no other choice of beverage seemed a little cheap and is pretty much what low-cost carriers do. I would’ve gone for water or sparkling water but the choice is nice to have and others would have certainly taken other drinks, so that was something I didn’t expect.

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