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Terminal 2 at LHR has 4 different Star Alliance lounges. Lufthansa has the typical Senator and business class lounge setup like all other Lufthansa group lounges. Today we’ll be checking out the Senator Lounge. Here are the entry requirements to enter the Senator lounge:

  • Passengers connecting onto a Lufthansa/SWISS First Class lounge traveling on Lufthansa/SWISS
  • Miles & More Senator/HON Circle members traveling on Lufthansa group airlines
  • Passengers with Star Alliance Gold status traveling on any Star Alliance in any cabin

The entrance to the lounge is just to the right shortly after security.

lounge entrance

Once you get your boarding pass checked by an agent, if you are eligible to use the Senator lounge, you’ll be handed a receipt-looking paper with a QR code on it.

Then you can walk through the business class lounge until you reach the door to the Senator lounge and here you can scan your QR paper and the doors will open and let you in.

Senator lounge

Once you enter here, its one large room with multiple different sections.

Senator lounge

First thing on the left is just many tables with different clocks for differet time zones aroud the world.


On the right were the food options that were available.


Here are the food optios that the Senator lounge boasted.

yogurt annd fruits
coffee machine
juice and waters
beer on tap
soft drinks
champagne and wines

They also had a listed wine menu for all the displayable options.


Back by the counter there was also some hard alc.

Hard drinks

There were also some bar snacks available where the hard alcohol was.

croissants and rolls

The hot options were pretty sufficient across the board too.

sausage and bacon
baked beans and potatoes
nuts and condiments

I kept my plate pretty simple, but made sure there was still sufficient food.


Towards the back of the room were the more traditional individual couches with lights.


The plugs were either UK or European style, so you definitely needed a converter if you didn’t have one of these.

UK/European power ports

If you were hoping to have good views outside the window, you definitely won’t be getting any because there are blinders that make the view impossible throughout the whole lounge.


There was a section for work-style seats with the same UK/European power ports.

work areas

Next to that was also some more seating hidde away. Given the stricter entry requirements, I can’t imagine this lounge gets too packed at any given time, but its very possible.


There were also lounges facing into a very convincing, but fake forest.


The charging ports in this section were also British and EU power ports along with some USB ports.

charging ports

The bathrooms were also relatively clean.


Here’s another anngle looking back towards the front of the lounge through the sofas. They were dated but still comfortable.


The best part of this lounge was definitely the views though. I mean just incredible what you can see from the lounge.

lounge views

Overall, the senator lounge is very functional, has a few different kinds of seating views, and a good variety of food and drinks, but not great views. At the end of the day, unless it’s peak hour, you’ll have quiet and private time in here otherwise.

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