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Swiss has a very new and aesthetic lounge in the area where their E gates are. Just 2 levels up from the main departure level is this plain simple, but sharp entrance. Like all other Lufthansa group lounges, there are 2 sets of lounges for every lounge and we’ll be looking at just one of them. There’s a business class lounge and a Senator lounge. Here are the entry requirements for the Senator lounge:

  • Miles & More HON Circle Members traveling in any cabin on a Star Alliance Airline or Lufthansa Group-owned airline
  • Miles & More Senator Members traveling in any cabin on a Star Alliance Airline or Lufthansa Group-owned airline
  • Star Alliance First Class passengers
  • Star Alliance Gold Members traveling in any cabin on a Star Alliance Airline

In my case, I was flying Swiss business, which alone would have gotten me to just the business class lounge, however, because I have gold status, that allowed me access into the Senator Lounge. With that said, let’s check out this place.

The agent scanned my boarding pass and pointed me to the door on the right, which is where the Senator side of the lounge was.

lounge entrance

Once you enter the lounge, there’s 2 different directions you can go. We’ll check out the smaller section before proceeding to the main part of the lounge.

Immediately to the left once you enter the lounge is a Whiskey club.

Whiskey Club

There were different kinds of seating here between bar style and sofa seats.

sofa seats

At the time I was hear, there was only one couple siting here.

Whiskey bar

And as expected, a large variety of different whiskeys.


There were also some nice finger snacks like plain goldfish, pretzels, and some chocolates to go alongside.


It was cool for sure, but now to the main part of the lounge. There are a couple things to note. It’s a long walkway down a hall to get to the main part of the lounge, and if it looks like there’s an outdoor patio on the left, that’s because there is.


Along the walkway, there were many single-seater chairs like this. Given that the back support was low and pure wood, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable in this for a long period of time.


There were also some double seats for anyone traveling with someone else. All of these seats faced the patio outside which had some amazing views that we’ll check out soon.


These seats did have a variety of USB ports and power ports under the seats however these power ports were standard UK, Europe, and US power ports which covers a decent spread of travelers who would be using this lounge.

power ports
power ports

There are also standing phone booths where you can take calls while enjoying the views.

phone booths
phone booth

The phone booths have the same variety of power ports along with the best feature being the view.

Now I’ve talked so much about this view I think it’s a good time to see it. The lounge has 2 sets of doors that will take you outside.

It was a particularly warm day by Zurich standards so the weather was nice, but during the winter, the weather is crisp outside.

You also have views of Kloten off the side of the airport which looked pretty during the summer. The outdoor terrace also had binoculars attached so you could look at things in the distance.


Back inside, the door to the bathrooms were right near the doors to go outside.


They were pretty clean and slick too.

Coming back inside, in a central part of the lounge was where all the food was.

central lounge area

There was a variety of spirits in one section.


The central island had probably every kind of hot drink you could want and even though I’m not much of a coffee person, I’m sure there’s just about everything to make anyone happy.

coffee and drinks

There was a chilled section with wine


There were also some beers and juices in another fridge.

beer and juices

The food selection was humble, but there was a live food station.

more snacks
live cooking

There’s a menu that you could customize what you wanted from it, I assume the menu rotated but it was a pasta with alfredo sauce on this particular day.

pasta with alfredo sauce

The backside of the lounge also had a terrace but that one wasn’t accessible. It was a bummer because the backside views were equally pretty if not prettier than the views.


The backside of the lounge had more seating.


Along with more power ports.

power port

There was also more sofa-like seating around the back of the lounge.

sofa seating

There was also a separate room where there were lounging chairs, but it was quite warm in this room so I’m not sure I’d want to sit here in particular.

lounging room

Overall, the lounge is well made and functional, the food was good although the options were fairly limited, the seating was good and the views were amazing. All in all, SWISS’s new senator lounge is a great hangout spot in the middle of the E gates prior to a flight.

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