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Unlike most other non-Schengen flights that depart from the E gates at Zurich, my flight was all the way by the D gates which meant a 15-minute trek there from the gate where I arrived in the E gates.

Now European airlines are very good at last second aircraft swaps and this one was no different. When I originally booked this flight, it was supposed to be an A220. Then a few days before my flight the aircraft changed to An A320Neo, As I reached the gate I was still expecting an A320Neo. What do I end up boarding? An A321, and that too a standard A321-200SL. The plane was fine but I wonder how they did the mappings to the new plane.

Airbus A321-200SL
11 July 2022

Boarding began with group 1 which was for HON circle members, and then group 2 which was for business class passengers and star alliance gold members.

Business class on most European carriers is nothing more than an economy seat with the middle seat being blocked. That said, the legroom was still more than enough for the 1.5-hour flight. Since the entire aircraft is economy, the size of the business cabin is extremely flexible and can be changed at any time with the movable bulkhead. On this particular flight it was 4-5 rows.

seat 2F

upon boarding, we got a water bottle and a cloth wipe. I really like being hydrated on planes so I love it when the crew gives me water bottles.

water bottle and cloth wipe

We pushed back and began our taxi to the runway. Zurich airport is pretty and the views of the city are always joyful regardless of the season.


Our departure runway for the day was runway 28, the shortest runway at ZRH.

taxi into position

As we depart out of Zurich, all I can say are enjoy the views.


While I was taking all these pictures, as soon as we reached cruising altitude, the crew was nearly ready to serve us our meal.


Everyone was given the same meal and for the most part it was pretty good.


The dessert was a tiramisu pudding and the layers were smooth, creamy, and delectable. The soaked lady fingers on the top were also nice.


The main course was an Asian-themed dish. There was a noodle salad, seared tuna, and salad. The noodles and salad were good, and the tuna’s texture was nice, but it was so incredibly salty. It was to the point that I had to have a sip of water after every bite. And for anyone who knows how taste buds are affected at altitude, you can guess how much salt had to be in there to make it that salty.

main course

The cheese was a swiss cheese and brie and both were enjoyable.


Overall, the meal was pretty filling for the 1.5 hour flight and every item was chilled. That’s perfectly fine too. For the majority of the flight we were flying over France and that’s the views we had.


Soon we began our descent into London as we were flying over the English channel.

descent into London

The crew gave us swiss chocolates prior to arrival. The crew was solid for this flight too. The purser was very efficient and personable at the same time which can be a hard balance to strike sometimes.

swiss chocolates

One thing that never gets old is the views descending into London.


Here we can see plenty of amazing signatures of London like London eye, Parliament, 20 Fenchurch Street, etc.


After a little tour of London, we lined up to runway 27R at Heathrow and had a slightly early arrival.

terminal 2 sights

Overall, the flight was everything I expected it to be. Nobody likes having an economy seat in business class but that’s the reality of European business class and it’s not all the worst once you are used to it. The food quantity was great for this flight and it’s a shame that the tuna was very salty when everything else was good. The crew was great and that can sometimes be a hit or miss. All things considered, for a flight of this length, it’s not worth it to buy a business class ticket unless it’s paid for by work or it’s a part of a longer journey. That’s not to say the product is subpar, but rather the price difference for this length of a flight is not justifiable for not having a neighbor and some extra food.



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