Review: United Club Lounge Mezzanine Level SFO

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After arriving on my flight from LAX, I had to head to the baggage claim to collect my checked in bag, and recheck it in at one of the United check-in counters.

Thankfully, I was able to use one of the premier access check-in counters which sped up the process.

check in signage

After that, I headed to the United club lounge. I wanted to visit a club lounge I had not visited at SFO, so I tried the one on the mezzanine level at SF. It’s rather hard to find. But when you are near gate 71A, look around for the below signage. It’s kind of tucked off in the corner of a terminal.

signage for UA club

After taking the elevator to the 3rd floor which is termed the “Mezzanine Level”, then there is really only one way to walk as the rest are partitioned off and there is clear signage.

United Club Sign
Walkway to entrance

Finally, you come to the entrance where 3 agents are available to check you into the lounge. All 3 were very kind. Once you check in, the lounge splits into two areas that you can go to. The overall lounge is relatively small.

The first area take a right to come to and its this seating area.

seating area

The lounge was not that full when I entered and given that this lounge was small, it was definitely quiet. In the photo below, towards the right side of the photo, you can see the pretty much the whole lounge. In the middle of the photo is the departure board and check in area. From there, a right turn will come into this seating area. A left turn will go into the bar and food area which you can see in the right side of the photo. That’s the end of the lounge which goes to show how small this lounge is.


Each of these seats has a middle table area and 2 USB ports and a power plug for each seat which I think is pretty neat.


It was mostly quiet during the time I was hear, except for this one man who kept on loudly talking over the phone to someone who might have been his friend about how “it’s awesome being a global service member and getting the special treatment and also how “Elite status flying is the classiest way of travelling”. I certainly don’t disagree but definitely not a bragging right.  Anyways…

Now we are back in the middle area near the lounge check-in and here is the departure board for all flights.

Departure board

Here is some more seating area directly in front of the check-in area and I would say this area is less private and less individualized because of how close the seats are to each other relatively.

More seats

Now we are heading in the left direction from the lounge entrance and check-in area. First, this is this high top seating area which I’ve now seen in multiple renovated United Clubs. As you can see each seat has 2 USB ports and a power plug designated to it. I’d rather the USB port and Power port position is switched than what it is in the picture below so that each individual can plug devices in without crossing cables with their neighbor. That’s an obvious design flaw that UA should definitely have seen.

High top seating

Now we are going to the left side of the check-in area which is where the food and bar area is. This side was slightly more crowded, but it was relatively quiet.

Bar area

Now let’s go to the food. The same sad story, different location.

The first settings have utensils, some sriracha sauce, as well as cookies, brownies, and probably hard bread. I didn’t take any of it.


Next was a kind nuts/ trail mix.

trail mix stuff

Then the boring same veggies but I did take cucumbers because I love cucumbers.


Then there was some celery and carrots along with olive oil, hummus, balsamic vinegar, and mustard and ranch.

more veggies

Next was the soup of the day which is different than the last time I had it which is good. I’ll show pictures of it later, but it was decently flavorful even though the meatballs tasted low quality.

soup of the day

Next item was the infamous cheese cubes of sadness as I call them. These are always there and nothing special changes. See at least the Delta Skyclub I visited earlier this year had seasoned cheese curds and they were delicious, but UA did not put in any effort here. I still took some because I love cheese too much, but that’s all there was for that.


Then there were some coffee machines with cups below for use.


And finally a soda fountain.

Soda fountain

Now here is what there is with respect to the bar. The new style of lighting says that this is a relatively new/ renovated club lounge.


There was some dining style seating around the bar and food but that’s about it.


Here is my plate. The bowl has the Italian meatball soup inside it.

my food

And this was my seat for the time that I was in the lounge.


Overall, that’s everything there is in this lounge. In my opinion, the lounge is quiet and intimate but that’s mainly because it’s rather hard to find. This makes lounge feel relatively more private, but amenities wise, this is still the same quality club that there is in the system. The food continues to be the same mediocre standard that it’s been for so many years. Hopefully they see what their competitor Delta has done with what I would call in my opinion the best domestic airline lounge in the country with Delta’s SkyClub in Seattle  and makes changes because for now, the UA clubs are still lacking. In summaton, this United club joined UA’s new chain of modern looking club lounges with the new style and it definitely looks nice, but at its core the club lounge itself still needs more to be able to compare to lounges like Delta’s.

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