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After spending a week in Boston, it was time to return home. But me being me, I could not book a direct flight from Boston to home. So I flew from Boston to Chicago to Dallas to Ontario (another airport in the LA basin). This is the first leg of Boston to Chicago.


Boeing 737-800W


After boarding, I turned right into the cabin.

AA 737-800

AA’s first class on their 737-800 has 4 rows of standard recliner style seats in a 2-2 configuration. For this first flight, I was in seat 5F on the right side of the plane.

Seat 5F

The seat cushion was a little hard. The back cushion also felt the same way and unfortunately, my height did not help. My shoulders were lined up with the edge between the back padding of the seat and the headrest so that especially was bad luck as that portion was a bit uncomfortable. On the bright side, there was a lot of legroom on the aircraft, as should be the case in a first class product.

Each had individual air nozzles which I always appreciate as I like a cold cabin, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

Seat front and padding
Seat Front

Each seat also came with a blanket which was quite soft.

soft blanket

And here’s a view outside the aircraft.

wing view

Before we start going, if you did not notice, one important aspect of any premium cabin service was missing here: the pre-departure drink. I was going to buy water in the terminal because I was quite thirsty. I did not do so anticipating to drink sparkling water on the ground before departure. That was not the case and I was quite disappointed. I’m not sure whether the FA forgot or whether AA doesn’t do pre-departure drinks domestically. But anyways I remained thirsty as I didn’t get any sparkling water.

taxi to runway

After about 5 minutes of taxi, we reached the end of the runway and lined up for takeoff.


During takeoff, I got great views of the terminal and the city.




Finally, after departure, the crew came around and asked what we wanted to drink and a breakfast choice between an egg biscuit or fruit parfait. I was going to choose the latter but by the time they reached me, they were all out of fruit parfait, so egg biscuit it was.

I went with sparkling water which was served on a napkin. One thing neat about AA’s domestic F class seats is that there is the drink holder that slides out from the bottom of the center console and is positioned nicely to hold drinks out of the way of any accidental knocking anything over.

Sparkling water

Shortly after, breakfast came around.


The egg biscuit had egg, cheese, chorizo meat, and cilantro on top of a biscuit. The biscuit was warm and soft which was perfect. The egg was nice and fluffy as well. The chorizo was nicely spiced and tasted great. Overall, the main course was fairly tasty and enjoyable.

Main course

The croissant was warm but rock hard and inedible.


The fruits included strawberry, grapes, oranges, pineapple, and kiwi. Overall they were a bit dry but tasted mostly fresh.


To finish the meal, I asked for hot water.

Hot water

For the rest of the flight, we were just flying through and around storms.


And finally descending into the Chicago area.



Taxiing to gate

Overall, I had mixed reviews on this flight. The food was mostly good and that’s probably the only main positive thing I had to say about this flight. There was no pre-departure beverage, the seat was alright, the crew was ok as well, and the food was fairly good. I was hoping the next flight would be a lot better since the flight is on one of AA’s signature routes between Chicago and Dallas, so we shall see in the next installment. Stay tuned for the rest. Cheers!

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