Review: American Airlines 737-800 First Class Dallas to Ontario

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Welcome back to the last flight of this convoluted journey from Boston back to the LA area. This flight we are flying is from Dallas to Ontario.

my aircraft

After spotting for a while I headed to the gate to board my flight to Ontario.


Boeing 737-800W


After boarding and finding my seat: 6F, I stored my backpack under the seat in front of me. Now for the seat, I already thoroughly reviewed the first class seat on my flight from Boston to Chicago, so I won’t review it here, though only to say that the seat on this flight felt a lot more plush and comfortable and also unlike my other two flights, this one had a seatback TV on all the first class seats which I used solely for tracking my own flight.


Also the last two flights I took issue with the fact that no pre-departure beverage was served. However, on this flight, that was different, kind of. On all of the other US carriers where I flew first class, I was offered a choice of pre-departure beverage, however, on this flight I was only offered water. Given that this was their best performance on all 3 flights in terms of pre-departure beverages, I was pretty disappointed.


We had an on-time pushback and departure out of DFW. It was definitely a hot day at over 100 degrees F in Dallas, so we used up more of the runway than usual.


We also had a relatively slow climb out of Dallas.

airport views

And we flew over the suburbs of the Dallas area.


Finally, after another 10-15 minutes, the crew came around asking for our choice of beverage and dinner.

Sorry, this was quite a horrid picture but we were served warm nuts along with our beverage. I opted for sparkling water as always with some lemon.

warm nuts and sparkling water

For dinner there was a choice between ravioli and grilled chicken. I opted for the grilled chicken. When the FA came back to me, she brought me the ravioli. Now usually I would not have an issue because order mess-ups are a genuine and understandable mistake, but I had been eating rubbish the whole day and this dish, looked tasty, but super unhealthy. So I used the call button to let the FA know that I had asked for grilled chicken.


Then she came back with the grilled chicken which looked a lot healthier.

grilled chicken

The salad was dry and rubbery but the sauce added a nice flavor to the salad.


The chicken was cooked perfectly but was pretty bland even with the pesto on it. The greens underneath were nice and steamed well. I am most certainly glad I went for this healthier option, even though it wasn’t as tasty.

Chicken breast with green beens, tomatoes, and olives

Lastly the bread was warm but mostly tasteless despite being coined “cheese bread”.

Cheese bread

After a short while, the crew brought around warm soft cookies for everyone and they were simply delicious.


Here’s a look at the sky interior on the 737-800.


I finished my meal with a cup of hot water.

hot water

The rest of the flight was just views pretty much, like this crater below.


Shortly before arrival, the crew brought around mints thanking each passenger for flying AA.

AA mint

Shortly after which we began our descent into a hazy LA basin area.


And we followed the 10 Freeway right into Ontario Airport.

final approach

And we had a smooth touchdown roughly on time and a quick taxi to the gate.

Arrival into ONT

Here is another look at the lovely aircraft.


Overall, I had a decent 3 flights on AA from Boston all the way into the LA area. I think that AA has some work it needs to do to elevate its domestic first-class services like the consistent inclusion of pre-departure drinks, consistency of food, and other minor service elements. That having been said, the seat does have some useful features and convenient aspects that are better designed than the seats on other US carriers domestically. All in all, not a bad way to get from east to west coast. I hope you enjoyed all the reviews on this trip and stay tuned! The big trip is coming next and within the next 5 days or so I’ll be posting full details about my trip. In the meantime, Cheers!


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