Review: United Club Lounge SFO International Terminal G

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Review: United Club Lounge SFO International Terminal G
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Another one of United’s club lounges at SFO is in the international terminal G side, in between gates G98 and G100 to be precise. And if this entrance looks familiar to many of you, odds are that you do remember this place as this used to be the location of the old United Global First Class Lounge. When the Eva Air and Singapore Airlines Lounges were closed down to make room for the massive Polaris lounge, this was converted into a United Club for the Star Alliance golds traveling in economy.


Upon having your boarding pass scanned, you can go down a set of stairs or there’s an elevator too though that wasn’t working for me.

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs to the left you’ll see 3 service desks though only one of them was actually staffed during my time here.

service desks

Beyond this, the lounge essentially consists of 3 main rooms with this being the first one. I would definitely say that this lounge was the least crowded and quietest of all the clubs I visited, however, this was also the smallest of the clubs.

main room

To the right you have a high top seating with power port options which is nice.

power ports

Then throughout the room, you have the standard seating options. If there’s one thing that put me off, the majority of these seats did not have a power port access which is something every seat should have given that the other club lounges at SFO also have power ports at every seat.


As you go towards the center of the room, those seats had power ports, though of course, most of them were taken.

more seats

Now tucked off to the left, there is a nice quiet section where there was maybe one or two people at most.

quiet area

All of these seats had power ports so that was a big plus for anyone looking for quiet seating and a plethora of power ports and USB charging ports.

quiet seats

There was also a printing machine back here that was available.

printing machine
quiet area

Now walking forward you actually have bag holders where you can store your bag during your stay in the club lounge if you plan to be there for a while.

bag holders

The next room is where all the food is. There were a lot of tables set up where one could eat next to the food selections.


Then there were some more of the wide cushion seats towards the window which also had power ports available. In the middle area by the food and which you can see in the picture below, there were also some booths set up. Keep in mind none of the seats in the middle section of this second room had any power ports.

more seats

Now to the left, we have the food section for this lounge. Let’s check it out.

The soup of the day was a creamy tomato soup.


Next to that we had some cookies, bread, and condiments to go with the soup and bread.

soup and bread condiments

Next, we had the cheese cubes of sadness, some brownie chunks, and this club lounge had salami which the club lounges in the domestic side did not have. The salami was pretty tasty too and I had it with the bread.


Then you had all the plates, silverware and some snacks.

Utensils and plates

On the other side of the counter, we have a salad set up starting with an assortment of veggies.


And then some spinach and sauce to go along with it.

spinach and dressings

The reflective glass made it hard to take pictures of the foods on the upper shelf so this is the best I could get but essentially we have ourselves some fruits up here like bananas, apples, and oranges.


The last part of the foods are the drinks. There was a vending machine and water off to the side.


There were also alcoholic beverages by the food station which included wines and beers.


Towards the end of the room, there were also bathrooms.


After entering one room, there was another door to pass through.


The bathrooms were clean and functional, though clearly older in design.


Even the windows are quite obstructive and it was very clear that this lounge still had all the old aspects of the global first lounge.


This was another picture I took leaving the lounge which sums up the whole lounge pretty much. This was the initial room with seats, beyond the two open doorways is the second room with more table seating and all the food in the club lounge and then the bathrooms to the end. To the left in this photo would be the quiet rooms of the lounge.

main room

Overall, this lounge is definitely older than the other club lounges at SFO, especially with many recently being redone. But with that being said, this is probably my favorite club lounge at SFO. Its quiet, its relatively small and was not crowded at all. And I was there during the evening hours when a lot of the European star alliance airlines like Swiss, SAS, Turkish, and others, and a bunch of United planes were flying off to Europe. The food is marginally better in this lounge and also you have the self-serve bar as well. Wifi was there and quite fast too.

All in all, this is probably my favorite United club at SFO, though that’s not saying much in the grand scheme of airline lounges.

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