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The United Club in the central part of terminal 3 is what I would consider to be the largest club lounge in SFO.

It’s also not too hard to find as its in the central part of terminal 3 for the most part.

After entering through the doors, you go through a long walkway that eventually leads to the desks where your boarding passes and such are checked.


Once past that, the next section is a pretty nice nautical theme. To the left of that is a small section of seats but virtually nobody was here in this section as there were plenty other seats.

Sitting Area

There was also a bathroom to the right of the dividers.


The bathrooms themselves were quite nice indeed, and it was pretty big.


Now let’s check out the main seating

Sitting area

Now behind the divider was the main section of the lounge and there definitely was a lot of seating areas. At the same time the lounge did have a lot of people and even with that, there were still plenty of seats.


There was a wide variety of seats as well to go with a large amount. There were some brown leather chairs.


Then some white ones like in the newer renovated lounges.

bar area

To the right, there was also a staffed bar with a lot of tables and booths.


More seating

Now going back along the window, there were lots of seats. I mean LOTS. The good thing was that each of these seats had power ports and a table area per each person.

More seats


More Seats

Towards the end of the hall was a counter with high top seating. There were no power ports here which you may want to keep in mind.

More Seats

Now at the end of this hall was water and some fruits. However, this was not all of the food that was in the lounge. We’ll look at the more extensive options in a minute.

Snack stand

There was also some coffee adjacent to the fruits and water.


At this point, we’ve reached the far end of the lounge. This was a pleasant surprise, but there was another large room tucked away from the rest of the lounge. There was nobody here. Nobody. Not. A. Single. Person.

Private Area

This was the first area which was sectioned off. There were power ports on the seats along the sides, but none for the seats in the middle of the rooms.

Private area

In the second room, there were some swivel chairs lined up along the wall and there were power ports all along the wall here.


This room had more seats in the center area and there were power ports and small tables for each seat. As you can see in the back, there were also a bunch of office cubicles which could be used.

Seats and cubicles



Going back into the main room, you can clearly see how long the seating in this room is and how many seats there are.

brown center seats

Along with the window seats, there were also seats along central walls which had no power ports.

Now let’s check out the food which is on the other end of the lounge by the entrance.


There were the usual food items.

Cheese and crackers





Bad carbs










Coffee Machine


Soft Drinks

This last room was beside the food area and there were the same seats you’d find in the rest of the lounge.

More seats

Overall, this lounge was……..satisfactory. There was LOTS of room even with lots of people. The food was as you’d expect from a club lounge, the windows were large so lots of natural light would enter during the day, and the wifi was also fairly fast. Is this my favorite club lounge in SFO? No, that honor belongs to the club lounge in the international terminal, but it’s still definitely functional and gets the job done.

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