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After a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles, I had 6 hours to spare in SeaTac so I decided to spend all of it in the new Delta SkyClub which I had heard great things about.

All I can say is that as a United Loyal flyer, I am sad that United does not have a single club lounge like this in the system. More comments after review, but prepare to be amazed.

The entrance is near the A gates, and particularly gate A1. The entrance is a little hard to miss with the signage and a nice blue sliding door.


As soon as you enter, there were 4 service desks to the right with Delta representatives to admit you to the lounge. All four of them were very professional and very kind people. They definitely were proud to be there. After being admitted, I decided to explore the lounge before relaxing. This was definitely the most impressive looking US membership lounge in the US and it definitely seemed so. Firstly, as soon as you enter the lounge area, there is a set of stairs to the right that can’t be missed as its right next to the desk. This led to an upper floor with more seating, which I will explore first.

Main floor

Above is an overlook of the main floor from just past the service desk, but first to the upper floor.

View from upper floor

The views were great from the second floor but the design and variety of seating were also excellent. As soon as you go up the stairs, to the right, there is this small snack stand with cookies, popcorn, apples, and lemon water. No, don’t worry this isn’t all the food in the lounge, the food selection is quite impressive and this is just a small snack stand on the second floor.

Small Snack Stand

There was a variety of different and modern seating options. There were tables with chairs around it for seating and eating. There were sofa couches on the side and each one of them had a power port.

Upper floor seating

There was more seating with similar structure further down. There was also a good balance of partitioned off seats for more private seating options.

More seating

And finally some more seats at the end of the upper floor with couches and more seats. You can see how each end of the couch below has multiple power ports so this was definitely well thought out by Delta. To the right of the photo is glass which is the wall of the staircase that goes down to the main floor, where we’ll be heading next.

upper floor seating options

After descending down the stairs at the back end of the upper floor, the bottom floor has an area of cubicle-like office seats with swivel chairs and plugs at each cubicle.

cubicle seats

Just to the left of the cubicle seats, there were more private seats with foldout desks that turn into desks with folding.

private seats

And just to the left of that, you have some high top seats with power ports at each seat, some more couch seats


Now we are in the central area of the lounge roughly. There was one long couch with power ports along every few feet for use.


The area below was right next to the long couch and was where I was sitting for the whole time I was here. Check out what plugs were next to my seat: Two US 3 prong power plugs and 2 USB ports. Absolutely incredible. I love it!!! One of the best parts of this entire time in the lounge was that it was virtually empty with a few people here and there which made the evening overall that much amazing.

Tables area

Now onto another area where this lounge excels above every other domestic US membership lounge, I have been to: the food. Here is what the buffet consisted of.

Chips and bread

At the start far to the right where the plates were, there was bread with chips and some butter to go with the bread. The chips were lightly salted and were tasty. Then there were several hot options which is often times a blessing in a US lounge.

Clam Chowder

The clam chowder was delicious.

Potato Gnocchi

I had some of the above as well called Potato Gnocchi and it was also tasty.

Butternut squash soup

I never had any of this soup so I can’t comment on it but I would assume great things considering every other dish I have had here was great.


There were also condiments to go with the soups which were nice to have.

more food!

There were also other food options to eat. There was a nice spread of a variety of different types of hummus, cheese curds (unlike the cheese cubes of sadness at the UA club and AA Admirals clubs). The cheese curds were VERY good too! There was a fair balance of fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, and olives as well as cucumbers and some other veggies.

Other foods

Lastly, there were about 4 platters with different kinds of salads. I only ate the Thai chicken salad of these salads and it was phenomenal. Below is a fully staffed bar that was there. Because this lounge’s bar was fully staffed, that meant that you can access the lounge at age 18+. Some drinks at the bar were complimentary whereas others required an additional premium.


Here is another look at the beautifully designed charging station at the table where I was sitting.

charging ports

Here’s another look from my seat to the high top seating and stylish food and drink area.

lounge central area

There was also an Asanda massage and products station in this skyclub. It’s complimentary for Delta Diamond Medallion members and not free for others. I looked at the prices and they were definitely on the steeper side. Nevertheless, this is still a great option to have.

Asanda Massage

Next, I wanted to check out the bathrooms, which of course were nothing short of well designed. As soon as you enter you see this wall design similar to the one near the food.

bathroom entrance

This bathroom was clean, smelled good, and was great overall. There were also showers for use that I did not take photos of.


Also going back to the bar area, there were a few more things just to the left of the bar. There was a popcorn stand, a soft drinks station with lemon and limes to the side and glasses to the left.


To the left, there were some juices and cookies along with coffees.


This machine next to the glasses is definitely the coolest thing in this lounge. The two side buttons dispense hot water, whereas the top button dispenses chilled sparkling water (my favorite!!) and the bottom button dispenses normal cold water. It was a cool machine.

water machine
cappuccino machine

There was also a cappuccino machine and coffee.

Here is a look at some of the food I ate while in the lounge: Thai Chicken salad, potato gnocchi, and a potato chip.



The views from the lounge were also great. A large portion of this lounge’s walls are glass so I can see this lounge having a lot of natural light during the day which is great.



Unfortunately it was time for me to go but here is one last look at the lounge from near the window before leaving.

lounge view

On another note, this lounge did have wifi and it was very fast for the 4 hours I was using it. I’m not sure if that was because there were very few people in the lounge to adversely affect the bandwidth, or because the wifi was fast anyways, but I did manage to get a lot of work done due to the fast wifi, so kudos to Delta for that one as well.

Overall, this is a VERY VERY beautiful Delta Skyclub and a very very well done US membership lounge. This lounge alone beats every other US airline membership lounge without any closeness in competition. From the variety of modern seating to the friendliness of EVERY worker in the lounge to the quality and quantity of food available to the amenities of the lounge, and even the bathrooms. This is a great lounge to have in Seattle and, in my opinion, the best US membership lounge in the country. Being a UA loyal flyer, I’m sad to see that United does not have a domestic lounge this nice. Besides this lounge, Delta airlines itself has many superior aspects to United and makes me want to switch over to them, but Star Alliance> Delta any day and Delta’s Frequent Flyer program has degraded a great lot in the last couple of years.

But my final conclusion is that discounting the United Polaris Lounge in Chicago and the American Flagship Lounges around the country as those are international lounges, this is the best US carrier run lounge. I am so happy for Delta for having such a great lounge and would be willing to return to it anytime without any questions asked. Great Job Delta!


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