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For the first time, I won’t be making a YouTube video for this report, but rather just this review. 

After spending some time walking around the airport from my flight from Seattle I came to my departure gate for my second flight to Houston.


wing view

I had an unlucky seat where there was a missing window and had to lean forward a good amount


The seat itself was decent for the 3.5 hour flight. The seat back was a little hard but I was ok with it for the flight. My main goal on this flight was to sleep because my previous red-eye flight ended up being a whole 30 minutes shorter due to favorable winds. So this seat sufficed for a decent enough sleep.



After a quick taxi and takeoff, we were on our way to Houston.


The service did not start until at least an hour into the flight. I went to sleep for that time.


After being woken to the sound of crinkling wrappers, I woke up. I was impressed by Delta’s choice of snacks. They had a selection of a snack mix, pretzels, and 2 other options which I cannot remember. On United you get a single “Zesty Snack Mix” and that’s about it. So well done by Delta on the domestic economy front.



After sleeping again for a couple hours, I woke up to this lovely cold front below us as we approached Houston.


Cold Front

Finally, we began to descend into Houston about on time.




I was pretty much awake for the rest of the flight going into Houston. With that in there, we had a smooth touchdown and 5-minute taxi to the gate.


This is the last photo I took. Overall, this was a pleasant flight with Delta. The seats were decent, and their snack selection was very impressive for a domestic economy class. I would gladly fly this product again, but if I had United as a choice I would choose that for the Star Alliance benefits. Now with an 8-hour layover in Houston, time to visit some United clubs. Stay tuned for that!



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