Review: Delta Airlines 737-900ER Main Cabin Seattle to Detroit

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After spending about 5 hours in the Delta SkyClub, I made the 5-minute walk to the gate. With a midnight departure, the terminal as virtually empty. By the time I arrived boarding was already in progress with their premium and SkyPriority zone. After waiting a little longer, my zone, zone 2, finally started boarding.

Our aircraft




Boeing 737-900ER




Seats (photo was taken after the flight)


Here’s a look at Delta’s economy seat. I forgot to take a picture of the seat back but there was a high definition TV and a USB port right below that. To the bottom of the seat under the seat pocket and to the left there was a fully functioning power plug which is great! I was seated in seat 34F


Now to the seat, the seat back padding was plush and comfortable, the seat cushion was decent, headrest was plush, and was an overall great seat for 4 hours in economy class. I love that Delta provided a blanket for this flight as it was a red-eye flight. I flew Delta’s 737-900 first class seat last year and now I’m flying their 737-900 in economy so this should complete my reviews of Delta’s 737-900 hard product.

at gate

Considering this was a red-eye flight, and everyone including myself wanted to sleep, this review will be relatively short review focusing mainly on the hard product which was already covered.

Departure from SEA
Departure from SEA

I was glad to see that Delta attempted to offer service to those awake after takeoff. The attempted service included a variety of snacks and a non-alcoholic drink of choice. I declined as I was trying to get sleep.

After a roughly 3 hour sleep (the flight was 30 minutes early) I was awakened by the bright cabin lights being turned on.


We touched down about 30 minutes ahead of schedule and had a fairly short taxi to the gate.



Overall, for what the flight should have been, it exceeded my expectations. For a domestic economy red-eye, a blanket, snacks, and a good seat are also you can really ask for. Maybe a pillow would have been good, but given all the amenities they already provided, Delta did a great job. Shame they aren’t a part of star alliance.




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