Review: United Club Lounge Houston Terminal C (North)

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After visiting the club lounge in terminal E, I took the train over to Concourse C to try out the new club lounge they have there.

Follow the signs for the club lounge and once in the area, it can’t be missed. A giant blue wall and screen makes very clear what’s behind the doors.


Entrance sign

Upon entering the sliding doors, a “not-so-nice” lounge agent greeted me and our interaction went a little something like this:

Agent: “Hi how are you”
Me: “Good how about you? *hands boarding pass to agent*
Agent: “Do you have a membership” *looks at me with an annoyed face*
Me: “No but I’m using a single visit pass for the day.”
Agent: “Alright you need to tell me that then. You cannot expect me to figure that out myself.”

Well then…I thought a boarding pass would suffice to use for searching my last name and seeing if popped up in the system for a day pass as I had already activated it in the Concourse E Club Lounge, but I guess I had to make it verbally known that.

Upon entering I noticed the lounge was VERY CROWDED. There were almost no seats for me and it took a solid 5 minutes just to find a seat. But design wise, I thought the lounge looked beautiful with the new lighting design that UA also has in the Polaris lounge, the blue UA themed dividers, the mood lighting at the entrance, and the open lighting really made the lounge itself feel nice. It’s a shame this one as very crowded.

Crowded lounge room

This lounge is one single long room with the buffet, bar and other features incorporated into that single long room.

leather seats

There were a variety of seating options from the standard leather seats above which were placed in the middle of the lounge while the high top chairs seen below are off to the side.

More chairs


High top chairs

Then further into the lounge was a kind of dining area where there were a decent amount of tables. And as you can see from the photos….yup you guessed it: It’s all crowded.


The food spread was EXACTLY identical to what I found in the Concourse E Club Lounge so I won’t go into detail here about it but it just included the standard cookies, brownies, cheese cubes, veggies, and a hot soup. Although the spread was not impressive, the cleanliness of the lounge and the ambiance of the new design was great. The crowd took that away but envisioning this lounge empty definitely made the lounge seem nice.


Right next to the food was also a Vending machine and coffee machines.




On the other side of the food bar, there were some more seating options and booths to sit at as well.

More seating

As I said earlier, one positive aspect of this lounge is that there is a lot of natural lighting. Of course from this, there are also a lot of tarmac views which I always enjoy.


A little beyond the food buffet, there was also a nicely decorated bar.


Moving back to the entrance, there was also additional elevated seating options which seemed to be empty for the most part. As you can see above the table, there were power ports there as well for use.


Now at the end of the hall near the reception desk, and kind of hidden a little is this help desk which can offer additional services.

help desk

Next to that help desk was a small business center and conference rooms.


business center

Lastly, this beautifully mood lit room was just inside the entrance and next to the reception desk I noticed when walking out.



Seating area

Overall, this new club lounge by UA is really beautiful, however, because it was very crowded when I was there, it took away from the beauty of the lounge. Ultimately, crowd will be there, but in terms of amenities, this has everything you’d expect in a UA club lounge from clean bathrooms to foods and drinks toa variety of seating options depending on whether you are trying to relax or get work done.


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