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After wondering around the “exciting” Milwaukee airport for a while, it was time to board my flight to Minneapolis.

I took a couple minutes to look at my aircraft from a gate away and the aircraft is always a beauty to fly on. The last time I flew on a 737-900ER split scimitar was on my Alaska flight from Los Angeles to Seattle and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though this time it would be from the front of the plane.


Delta 737-900ER

There were two boarding lanes for passengers.

Boarding zones

The first zone to board on the right, of course, is premium cabin customers and Delta’s Diamond Medallion members traveling in any class of travel.

Boeing 737-900ER Split Scimitar

After entering the door, you pass by the first class cabin. There are 5 rows in a standard 2-2 configuration. My seat was 5D. originally I had selected 3D, but I wanted to move to the back of the aircraft. Here is a look at the seat itself:


Seat view

I really like the design of Delta’s seats for its looks. Even the comfort+ seats had the same design on it. The Seat padding was was decent, though it was slightly hard in my opinion. The back cushion was pretty thin, but given that this was a 1-hour long flight, I didn’t mind much. The headrest is pretty well padded to my standards, but the seat was overall comfortable to sit in.

Seat view

The TV screen was pretty responsive too. The resolution was high, and there was very little lag any command that I had for the TV.

Seat view

There are also power ports to each seat if you can see to the lower left side of the photo above. The center console also had decent space for drinks, but the tray table stowage top had pretty good friction, so I ended up using that as well.


Wing view

At each seat, you get a small bottle of water, and surprisingly a Westin Heavenly Blanket. I knew they gave those blankets in first class, but I did not know they gave it for 1 hour long flights.

Center console


The FA came to my seat to take my order for a pre-departure drink. I chose sparkling water of course. I still can never understand why US carriers use plastic cups for pre-departure drinks. Me complaining about it won’t do much, but just for comparison, I’m going to be flying Air India’s domestic business class in a little over a week and I’m pretty sure they will be using glass for their pre-departure drink.


sparkling water

And here’s the blanket

Westin Heavenly blanket

Soon enough boarding was complete and we were out a few minutes early. After taxiing to the end of the runway, we turned onto runway 19R for departure. We had a very, very long roll and had a slow climb initially.



But the views were great upon out climb and turn.







Here’s a view of our flight info on the screen.

flight details



It was snack service time. I forgot the photo of the drink but that was sparkling water as well.



I have mixed reviews about the service on this flight. There was only one FA working our cabin, and granted the F class section is pretty big and a 1:20 crew to PAX ratio is not favorable, but I would at least expect refills to be offered. While that was not the case, the one crew member was well intentioned and still had a smile on their face.


By the time everything was cleaned, we had begun our descent into Minneapolis. It was a pretty cloudy descent into Minneapolis and there was some light turbulence on our way down.



Finally, we had a smooth touchdown on runway 12L about 8 minutes ahead of schedule.

Delta MD-90
Delta A330 and Air France A340


parking gate
final view of our aircraft

Overall, this was a pleasant flight and good for 1 hour. The service could have been a little more proactive, but I’ll cut some slack when you have 1 flight attendant looking out for 20 passengers. Delta’s 737 has to have the biggest domestic first class cabin I’ve ever been on. But the service was good, and the seats were decent. Now onto the next flight.




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