Review: Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport Terminal 1 Concourse F

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Review: Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport Terminal 1 Concourse F
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Hello to everyone and welcome back to another terminal review here and this will be the last one for this trip before my flight from Minneapolis to Santa Ana. My flight was actually departing from the G concourse, but my flight arrived in the F concourse and I simply did not have enough time to do both concourses.

Starting from the beginning of the terminal, there is Coffee shop on the right side.


Coffee shop

On the left side, you will find a nice mood lighted electronics shop.

Electronics Store


Then there is this food place after the electronics store to pick up other foods.


Food place

Just across from that is some kinds of sweets shop.

Sweet shops

A little down from that is this news shop.


and another one…


news shop

There was a nice little food court just after with some US chains like Burger King.

food court

This cafe was what was there just after the food court.

food cafe




Almost to last, at the end of the concourse, there was this restaurant above and this massage section below.



Massage section

Overall, this was a pretty bleh concourse of terminal 1. And this is also a concourse of the hub airline which makes it that much more embarrassing. Thankfully, concourse G was a lot better and I did not review it due to time issue and plenty of shops there. But I hope this provided use to those flying on Delta in and out of MSP. Now onto the last review of this trip in Delta’s First class. Stay tuned for that. Cheers!



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