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So this review will probably a hard product only review because there was no service on this flight and only one flight attendant. Now that is not a bad thing because this flight was only 25-30 minutes so there was no expectation of service. But let’s get down to it anyways.

My flight would be operated by United Express in a tiny little Embraer Regional Jet 145LR. Here’s a quick photo before boarding started.


United Express

ERJ-145 LR

View from the wing


My seat

Now the seat was lovely and seriously. The seat padding was well cushioned and soft. The same goes for the back padding. Your body simply sinks into the seat and you can relax there forever. The material of the seat itself is about on par with what I’ve found on some long haul international flights. The seats are in a 1-2 configuration so I was lucky to snag a solo seat, all of which are on the left side of the aircraft.  The only downside to this seat is if you are a “wider one” Then you might feel squished against the window but otherwise you will enjoy this seat if you get it. For a regional flight, I cannot ask for a better seat. Absolutely no complaints. I am 5′ 10″ and the legroom was enough such that my knees were not bumping the seat ahead of me. And that was with my backpack underneath the seat in front of me. Also, each seat has individual air nozzles which are great considering the number of large international airlines that don’t have these nozzles at every seat.

Front of Seat

All there is in front of you is a tray table and a seat pocket.

ERJ window

The rest of the flight was just views


Retro-CO colored United airlines 737-800

finally, we reached our takeoff runway and had a fast acceleration and a fairly quick takeoff roll.



From what it looked like outside, our cruising altitude was pretty low too, compared to a normal narrowbody aircraft





And finally, we touched down in MKE right on time at 8:28 AM


I don’t have too much to say other than the fact that the seat was great, the flight was quick and it was enjoyable. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the return!

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