Review: EVA Air 777-300ER Premium Economy Class Los Angeles to Taipei

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After spending some time wandering the terminal and eating at PF Changs, it was time for boarding my fight. Though I wanted to add a bit more first.

For check-in at LAX, EVA is located at Lot C at Tom Bradley International terminal which is also where check-in is for all the Star Alliance airlines that fly out of TBIT.

There’s a check-in lane for economy, premium economy, and Royal Laurel (business class) & Star Alliance Gold Members.

Even though I was in premium economy, I was able to use the Star Alliance gold/business class line but it really didn’t matter since neither had a line when I was checking in.

check in counter

There were some nice flowers by the Royal Laurel check-in counters.


Now back to our review. Our plane was towed in from parking around 20 minutes before boarding started.

EVA 777-300ER
EVA 777-300ER

Boarding began with zone 1 which was for Star Alliance Gold and Business class passengers.

Boeing 777-300ER

Upon boarding I walked forward to the right aisle and turned right into the second section of the Royal Laurel Cabin. After you pass this second section comes the premium economy cabin.

Premium economy has 7 rows of seating in a 2-4-2 configuration.


Now keep in mind if you like windows, rows 21 and 24 are missing windows at the “window seats” so choose another row if you want a window.

Seat 20K

Now I was seated in the bulkhead row seat 20K which in my mind is the best row in the premium economy cabin. SeatGuru labels this row yellow for having less legroom due to the bulkhead and I’d have to disagree with that. See for yourself. The above picture is my bulkhead seat 20K.

And below is a standard Premium economy seat.

normal seat

I’d argue the legroom is pretty much the same with the bulkhead row actually potentially having more legroom.

Seat 20K

Now let’s look into the seat itself. The seat is decently wide and was certainly enough for me. The seat cushion was a bit hard for my liking though it might be just right for you. The back padding was better and after some use, nicely curved into the shape of my back.


At the seat, there was a pillow, a huge blanket, and a water bottle already there.


There were some nice slippers in the pocket in front of you. They were plush and comfortable. A nice offering for a premium economy cabin.


There were also headphones that were in the pocket in front as well. So when you arrive at your seat, you should already have a pillow, a blanket, a water bottle, and then slippers & headphones in the seat pocket in front of you.

central console

Each pair of seats has a central console where you could place drinks or other things on.

USB and headphone jack

Below the console, you have a headphone jack and two USB ports, one for each seat of course.

power port

Below the USB ports you have your power ports and life jacket. The tray table comes out of the left armrest. There’s also a button by the console which allows you to release the legrest, a feature only available on the bulkhead seats. I’ll show you this later.

Another thing to note is that there are no individual air nozzles, which I would’ve liked because I prefer a cooler cabin, though I also didn’t have a problem with the temperature. This is contrary to my Japan Airlines flight where the cabin was much too warm for my liking.

wing view

I was seated next to the massive GE-90 engine which is always a sight to see especially up close like this.

A few minutes later, a crew member camr around with menus for the flight.




The crew seemed a bit shy and didn’t talk much, but they were well-intentioned for sure.


A couple minutes after menus came around, another crew member came around with amenity kits.



These kits contain combs, toothbrush/toothpaste, lip balm, moisturizer, and even some sleep items like an eye mask and socks. EVA doesn’t exactly specify which items are provided for overnight flights, but EVA states that they provide special amenity kits for overnight flights like the one I am on. However, I find it hard to imagine they provide amenity kits on these flights and none at all on their daytime flights.

amenity kit
amenity kit
lip balm and facial hydrator
toothbrush with toothpaste

Soon enough the captain made his welcome announcements and gave us a flight time of 13 hours, 40 minutes and a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet.

These overnight flights from LAX to Asia that reach in the morning are really my favorite flights. Nothing like finishing a busy Friday, heading to LAX in the evening lounging for a bit, getting on board a flight, eating good food, and sleeping endlessly and waking up right in time for a gorgeous sunrise.

Anyways, there was some nice mood lighting that was put up during our taxi to the runway.

EVA mood lighting

If there’s one thing that speaks LA, its the evening low altitude marine layer that settles in and you can clearly see just that below with the light reflecting against it.

We eventually reached the end of runway 25R which was our takeoff runway.


From there, it was a near full power takeoff.


The lights came on around 11 minutes after takeoff and the crew got to work.


Around 18 minutes after takeoff, crew cane around with packets of cool, scented paper towels. I personally prefer a cool towel to a warm one so this was just right for me.

I didn’t take a picture of it since there was really nothing to photograph but after the towels, the crew brought around a tray of water, apple juice, and orange juice before dinner. I just went with drinking more water since a plane is basically a glorified dehydrating tube.


Dinner was brought around 45 minutes after takeoff. I always like to try the international option, or whatever option is local to the country of the airline I’m flying. So in the case of this flight, looking back at the dinner section of the menu again, I went with the Asian option of three cup chicken.

dinner boxed


dinner unboxed

One thing I can confidently say was that there was definitely more than enough food for the flight.

shrimp and cucumber-appetizer

The shrimp was in a nice sweet sauce which was really flavorful. I find shrimp much enjoyable to eat when it’s already out of its shell, but that ultimately wasn’t too much of a problem. The cucumbers were glazed in some sort of nutty flavored sauce which gave it another flavor I enjoyed. But besides the flavor, it was crunchy and watery, just the way it should be. This wasn’t anything too elaborate, but it definitely was a good start.

Side salad

The salad was also nice and big which I was happy with. It came with a nice Balsamic vinegar + olive oil mix which made for a tasty combo. the candied walnut and mozzarella was also a nice addon to the salad.



three cup chicken- main course

The chicken was nicely cooked. The sauce it was in was flavorful and went well with some rice. The bok choy was a nice addon, though it was barely warm. The cabbage right next to it, on the other hand, was perfectly warm and enjoyable.

red velvet cake-dessert

The red velvet cake was chilled and tasty, just like a red velvet cake should be. There wasn’t too much frosting or too much bread. It was just what I wanted and needed for portion and flavor.


The fruits were fresh and tasty for the most part and so there wasn’t too much going on there.


At this point I was full, so I didn’t even bother with the bread.

Overall, I was quite happy with the meal. It was flavorful across the board and each aspect was enjoyable. The only downside to all of this was that during the meal service, the crew had not cleared our drink cup or towel from before the meal service, so there was a lot of congestion on the central console and the tray table during the meal. At least they asked if we wanted anything else to drink after the meal service, and I went with a nice glass of Green tea. They have the hot and cold version if you want. I went with the hot version and it was served in a paper cup.

After the meal service, as people were going to sleep, I went to check out the lavatory. For premium economy passengers, they have their own dedicated lavatory right behind row 26 and there’s nice visible signage that says “Premium Economy Only” so there’s no need to go back into economy class or forward into Royal Laurel Class for using the bathroom.

It was standard, there were some soaps and sprays, though they did have some nice flowers to add a pop of color to an otherwise colorless lavatory.


Now this is what I was talking about from the beginning about why row 20 is so good compared to the rest of the premium economy seats.


When fully reclined, row 20 is the only row to have an extendable leg rest as well as a deployable foot rest. So when the seat is reclined back and the legrest is fully extended, you get this. To extend the leg rest, as mentioned earlier, there’s a clearly labeled button right below the center console and to deploy the foot rest, there’s a black lever you can see on the leg rest itself kind of like a light switch. Flick it the other way and the leg rest will be pulled out.

I should also note wifi is available on these planes and here are the prices.


300 MB is a lot, though I wouldn’t proactively buy wifi at these prices for leisure though definitely if I had a lot of work to get done.

Anyways I got a good 4.5 hours of sleep before waking up to use the restroom. Just a few minutes later, the crew came around with a snack basket that had an assortment of snacks and a wrapped honey mustard chicken croissant with sesame seeds on the bun. I wanted to try their sandwich so I went with that.


The sandwich wasn’t anything gourmet but it was light, refreshing, and tasty.


They also came around with a tray full of………yup, you guessed it! The tray had water, apple juice, and orange juice. I opted for water.

Within minutes of being finished, the crew cleared my tray and I went for some more rest. After getting some more sleep, the crew turned the lights up 2 hours before landing for a pre-arrival breakfast. I think I got somewhere near 6-7 hours of sleep which is a complete win in my books and another reason why I love these overnight flights to Asia.

First thing as before, everyone was given refreshing towels.

Refreshing towel

Then the food was brought around.


As a reminder here were our breakfast options, and like dinner, I went with the Chinese Style breakfast.

Breakfast Boxed


breakfast unboxed


egg fritata

The egg frittata was simple. It was chilled and lightly salted.


The fruits consisted of oranges and cantaloupe. The oranges were very nice and so was the cantaloupe. Its funny, of all the times I’ve eaten cantaloupe, its always been in the air. I’m not a big fan of the fruit so its not something I’ll go out of my way to eat on the ground.

beancurd with black fungus

The beancurd with black fungus was a very interesting appetizer but it was actually really good and probably my favorite part of breakfast.


The main course was congee and it was honestly really bland. Now that’s not a bad thing since that’s the way its supposed to be but it was bland.

Fish floss

There was this packet of some powdery thing which I think went with the congee so I put it inside the congee, added a bit of salt, and it made the meal a bit tastier.


This time I had the bread and it was nice and warm.

Green Tea

I also had hot green tea to go with my meal. As was the case with dinner the crew asked if we wanted anything to drink after breakfast and I went with a refill of hot tea and it took them nearly 45 minutes to bring it out.

Anyways, breakfast was decent. Breakfast has always been the least flavorful meal for me and that’s probably a function of the limited flavors you can explore with breakfast. That being said the breakfast was decent for what we had.

From this point until landing, the views were something spectacular.




Just before we began our descent, the crew brought around herbal chew candies and they had a unique, but flavorful taste.

Eventually, we began our descent into a mostly cloudy Taipei.


It was a very green landscape on our final approach and quite beautiful.

final approach
final approach

We had a smooth touchdown on runway 23L and a 5-minute taxi to our gate.


We taxiied into terminal 2 which is where a you could see a line of EVA Air planes parked.


And here’s a last view of the magnificent GE-90.

Overall, I was actually quite happy with this flight for the most part. The food was mostly good, all aspects of the amenities provided were great for premium economy standards so I was happy. The crew wasn’t really that interactive during the service didn’t talk much, and really didn’t smile at all, which is something that I was hoping to see more of. But with that being said, this is a good premium economy product, and, if it’s not too much more than economy, would consider it worth the extra premium, especially if you can snag that bulkhead row 20.








16 thoughts on “Review: EVA Air 777-300ER Premium Economy Class Los Angeles to Taipei”

  1. Whoa, Nellie. This is premium economy kit? I think I saw the same lip balms and facial hydrator in Etihad business kit.

    1. I also thought it was an impressive kit for premium economy and actually more stocked than some business class kits. Sorry some of the pics are sideways, my pictures are trying to fight me!

  2. If you can’t get the bulkhead seat on the sides but you can book the bulkhead seat on the middle of the plane, would that be better than the regular PE seats? I mean can you put some luggage on the bulkhead area to add more foot rest like in seat 20G or 20D? Or is there a restriction of putting luggage on that area during the flight?

    1. That’s up to personal preference. Im a window only guy, so for me if the bulkhead row ran out of window seats, then I’d take a non-bulkhead row, however if you don’t mind middle aisle seats then that’s also an option. Now if there’s only middle seats left in the bulkhead row, then maybe you might want to consider a non-bulkhead row.

      You can put bags there during flight but not takeoff and landing. Quite frankly though. You won’t need it. The legrest was already sufficient enough and quite a nice way to get sleep and a bag really won’t be needed. Also if you want a review of a normal non-bulkhead PE seat, I just finished my return flight review and I sat in a normal PE seat here:

      Hope this helps and please do ask if you have any other questions. Cheers!

  3. Awesome review. Just booked a PE trip from SFO for March. We’re a family of 3, do you recommend the 2 seats + 1 across the aisle, or 3 seats in the middle? Your sunrise photos were awesome and would love to see that.

    1. Thanks very much! I would highly recommend 2 of you take the window and aisle seat on the window side and then an aisle seat across the aisle like you suggested. That’ll be best. However important thing to keep in mind, if you’d like to see that sunrise, in March, it would probably be better to sit on the left side of the plane as the sunrise will be much further south during March. And also I hope you booked the later of the two night flights because if sunrise even comes, it definitely will be very close to arrival for you given that it’s in March. Hope this helps and I’d be happy to answer any more questions. Cheers!

      1. That’s awesome that you know all this. I was about to book the right side, now I’ll book left side instead. Thanks again!

      2. Most welcome and anytime. Need anything else? comment away and I’ll find it and respond as soon as I can. Cheers!

  4. Thank you for the review. My husband and I are looking at EVA AIR Premium Economy for our May trip to Thailand from LAX. From your review it sounds like the bulkhead is the way to go as he is a window guy and I am an aisle person. During that time of year, is the left side still the preferred side for the sunrise? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Anna, Glad you found utility in the review and hopefully you do pick Eva premium economy. The bulkhead is definitely the way to go as you said. Now to the more important question, May is actually an interesting month because my answer changes based on when in May you plan to fly. Do you plan to fly towards the beginning or end of May? If you fly towards the end of May (in my case the very end), the right side is probably a better bet. Though even then the sunrise is almost behind you if you see in my YouTube video, it’s almost hard to see the actual sunrise but rather just the residual sunrise sky around. But if you fly towards the start of May, I’d probably stick with the left side as you’d have a better (though still limited) shot of the sunrise. Hope this helps and I’d be happy to answer any questions. Cheers!

  5. Do the middle 4 seats of the bulkhead row also have the extendable foot and leg rest? Also, does the headrest have folding sides? Thank you.

    1. Hi Charles! The middle seats do indeed have the leg rest and extendable foot rest in the bulkhead row. And yep you can fold the sides to lean either side while you sleep. My dad did this as he was sleeping. Hope this helps and I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have!

      Just an FYI: Depending on when you fly you should still have the seat I had as its fairly new, but the newer Premium economy seats in the bulkhead row don’t have the extendable footrest and legrest. Shouldn’t be a problem for you but a slight chance it may be.

  6. LAX to TPE
    Just Dad and two teenagers.
    Prem Economy – Row 20 Bulkhead Seats E, F, G. – center and only 1 aisle seat.
    Or different but seats G, H, K – two aisle seats.

    1. That’s a great question, would probably go with different row G,H,K. That way at least maybe the teens can be by themselves on the window side and you in the middle aisle or something of the sort. It’ll be more spacey and comfortable for sure that way since you’ll maximize the aisle seats between your family all while having ample space to yourselves.

      1. thanks for the quick reply!
        that’s what i thought initially but i like that leg rest and extra legroom even though seat guru says otherwise. well i reserved the middle, i can always change it. Maybe the window seats in row 20 will become unblocked as date gets closer.

      2. thanks for the quick reply!
        that’s what i thought, i did just reserve the middle section in row 20, i think i can change later.
        hopefully, the window seats in row 20 will become unblocked as date gets closer.

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