Review: Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore

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After arriving from Mumbai with Singapore Air, I made my way to where I’d be staying the night. If you are arriving in terminal three like I was and where mostly all of Singapore Airline’s non-Southeast Asia flights operate, then after immigration, there’s clear signage which guides you to the hotel.

If you are arriving through terminal 1 and 2, you have a longer walk to the hotel but have the pleasure of walking through the spectacular Jewel.

Jewel Changi

How unfortunate….

Anyways here’s the walkway from terminal 3 to the Crowne Plaza hotel.


There’s very distinct signs and eventually you’ll reach a seating area.


The seating area was nice.

seating area

All the seating area was beside a coffee shop, so we decided to get something.


The shop had a variety of pastry items as well as hot drink items.

coffee shop

And if you walk past that, you are now in the main lobby of the hotel where the check-in is, the main entrance, the elevators, and escalators to the upper floor.


Here’s one thing that made me really unhappy. As a part of being Platinum status with IHG, I got to pick 2 things to go with my status. I chose room upgrade (which I got and thanks for that), and early check-in. So on my Apple wallet card, the early check-in seems to be applied as it says check-in starts from 12AM onwards. This is perfect as my SQ flight from Mumbai arrived at around 8 AM. So we go straight to the check-in desk, and agent says room isn’t ready and won’t be ready until after 11. It was almost 9AM so that means over 2 hours until the room is ready even though I was granted early check-in?! Come on Crowne Plaza I chose early check-in for a reason. Ultimately, this wasn’t a big deal, I took the time to get a lot of work done while drinking some green tea and eating pastries in the coffee shop, but I wanted to get out into Singapore as soon as I could and this was delaying.

check-in time

Finally, we got our room and made our way up. Another thing to note: the hotel isn’t entirely indoors. Check-in is indoors, then when you take the elevators or stairs to your floor, the walk to your room is all outdoors. So you go from being indoors, to the great hot and humid outdoors, then you go back to being indoors.


The Crowne Plaza Changi has a very nice swimming pool and we got a small view of that from our floor.


Now let’s check out the room. As soon as you walk into the room, there’s a narrow walkway with the bathroom on the right, and the room if you keep walking straight, then the main room is there.


The bathroom was nice, big, and clean.


Now some initial concerns were that the bathroom was wide open like this. Rest assured that there was a screen you could slide down to cover the window. Though, if you are by yourself, the idea of enjoying a nice bath with bubbles while watching heavy planes taxiing on the tarmac sounds really nice.


The bathtub was fairly standard, but clean and nice as well.


The bathrooms were also well stocked with towels, water bottles, and some soaps/creams.


There were shampoos and shower gels and they were great as well. They actually weren’t the cheap kind that dried up my skin after a shower.

shower gels and shampoos

There were towels provided as well.


The shower was pretty sizeable.




Now let’s head back to the main room.

There was a nice long bench on the left which served the great purpose of  keeping our big bags on, or rather I should say both of my mom’s big bags but I’m taking them for her so she doesn’t have to carry two bags around.


Beyond the bench, there was a desk with a nice chair which I utilized a lot to get work done.


Then to the right was a queen-sized bed as well. There was also a nice mini sofa at the foot of the bed.


On the side of the bed, you had international standard power ports and a lamp along with an alarm clock.



power port

One of the great things about my room upgrade was that I had excellent views of the tarmac which is the best possible view I could ask for.

tarmac views

Even though the actual plane views were slightly obstructed by Terminal 3, all the takeoffs and landings were a clear view.

That’s all from the room, now here’s just another look at the pool. In the humid weather, it would definitely be a nice relaxing place.


There were some restaurants on the level above the main level, but I didn’t get to take any pictures as I completely forgot.

Overall, this is a really nice hotel and a really convenient hotel to stay at while transiting Singapore. I’d usually be one for staying at a Marriott or Hilton property as that’s where my loyalty is but this was a perfectly good option!

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