Review: Hong Kong Airlines Club Bauhinia Lounge Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Airline’s Club Bauhinia Lounge is located near gate 23 and one level down. You’ll see this signage when you know you’ve reached the lounge.

Hong Kong Airlines entrance



Now here’s how you can access this lounge:

  • Business Class Travelers flying on Hong Kong Airlines
  • Fortune Wings Platinum members (+2 guests), Gold Members (+ 1 guest), and Silver Members traveling on Hong Kong Airlines
  • Premium Cabin + Elite Status Passengers on the following Airlines by contract: Air Explore, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Etihad, EVA Air, Fiji Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Orient Thai, Palau Pacific Airways, Philippine Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, and S7 Airlines

As I was traveling on EVA Air, I got the card below with my boarding pass which essentially acted like a lounge invitation.

lounge invitation

Upon having my boarding pass checked at the check-in desk, and my lounge pass taken from me, I was told that this was a silent lounge, and pointed me at the wifi network and password which was nice.

So the whole lounge is essentially one long room.



There were a lot of seats but I felt it was a little too dense. Seats were too close to each other and there was very little walking room on the left side where most of the seats were. Kinda defeats the purpose of privacy in a lounge.


There were individual seats, pair seats, seats of four, all kinds of combos you could want.


There were also some seats facing the tarmac and if you can see there are power ports in the ground but they were UK/Hong Kong Style ports. So do be sure to carry a converter with you. As always when traveling internationally, I always have a converter so this wasn’t an issue.


The lounge had great tarmac views too. Check out this stunning Qantas 787.


This lounge struck a nice balance that the Thai Lounge and United club don’t at Hong Kong: those two lounges had ample natural light but they were also in the open one floor up from departures so it was loud too. In this case, there was awesome natural light from the large windows, but also it was quiet and peaceful since we were in a separate room and area one floor down from departures. This was nice.


On the other side along the walls, there were more seats in a somewhat more reasonable spacing. Here there were no power ports for the seats.

power ports

Along the other side is all the food for the lounge. So let’s check it out.


Let’s check out all the edible items.


Do take note of the wifi password and network signage above the counter.

hot drinks machine


chilled food items


hot snacks



There was also a couple made to order items which is always a nice feature in a business class lounge.

Made to order
hot food
seasoning and spices


hot food
hot food
hot food
dim sum

Sorry for the somewhat blurry picture.





hard drinks


whole beverage section

Overall, I thought the buffet spread had a decent variety of items and most of the items were fairly flavorful, however I did feel the protein dishes had too much oil in it.

On the other side of the buffet and further down the rectangular room, there was table like seating


The tabled seats along the window had great views and there were power ports on the floor closer to the wall.

table seats

Right next to that, there was a business center with macs lined up which I thought was a pretty useful feature.


There was also a departure board for all Hong Kong Airlines passengers and for all the other airlines using this lounge which I thought was pretty cool.

departure board

On some of the tables you also had some condiments which was neat.


If you like magazines, that’s also there.


Finally, this back room was the last section of the rectangular lounge but there were a lot of things back here. Firstly, you had the usual seats in a dense-ish layout.


The bathrooms are here.


They were pretty clean and well-stocked.


There were work stations back here too if you needed them.

work stations

There were also nap rooms which I think is awesome and a great feature to have. I probably wouldn’t take the nap room facing outside but the rest are great sleeping sections.

napping rooms

And here’s one look facing back at the entrance to the lounge.


Overall, this was actually quite a pleasant lounge. There was wifi, lots of seating, power ports in a lot of places, a decent spread of food, napping rooms, clean toilets, lots of natural light, and overall a peaceful ambiance. If I ever had access to this lounge traveling through Hong Kong again, I’d definitely be back!


2 thoughts on “Review: Hong Kong Airlines Club Bauhinia Lounge Hong Kong”

  1. Hello! Are the 2 lounges, Plaza Premium Lounge G35* and
    Club Bauhinia*, at Hong Kong airport (HKG), open 24 hours?
    Also, at Shanghai airport (PVG), is the Air China Business Class Lounge*, open 24 hours?
    I hope someone will be able to tell me the answers.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Club Bauhinia is not a 24 hour lounge. Usually it’s 6am-1am. Plaza premium lounge is 24 hours though. As for Shanghai airport, I’m not certain for sure, but I don’t think the Air China lounge is 24 hours. Usually these airlines’ lounge hours are centered around the departures of their own flights. With Air China I don’t think they have departures in the middle of the night so in that case their lounges i suspect open sometime in the early morning hours and close late night maybe 1am or 2am. Hope this helps!

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