Review: Alaska A320-200 First Class Seattle to Los Angeles

After spending some time in the beautiful new concourse N lounge, it was time to board. Unfortunately gate D1, where my flight was leaving from doesn’t have any great views, there’s a lounge blocking the view, so I just entered that lounge and took some pictures from there.

Airbus A320-200

From here it was boarding time and boarding started with pre-boarding for those with disabilities and then followed by First class.

Airbus A320-200

I turned right into the First Class cabin. There are 3 rows in a 2-2 configuration and I chose seat 3F all the way at the back right of the first class cabin.

The seat was decently padded and the legroom was decent as well, but the former first class seats on this plane used to have much more legroom.

seat 3F

On the center of the seat there’s a kind of book holder, or device storage space

device storage

The center console is also quite spacious. I hogged it all because I didn’t have a neighbor on this flight but even if it did, there’s still plenty of space.

center console

The seat back had a nice foot rest and the typical storage.

foot rest and seat back

On the center of the seat below the console, there’s a USB and a power port for each passenger.

power ports

The purser came through the cabin with pre-departure water. I have never gotten water in a carton before so this was pretty cool.

wing view

Soon enough we pushed back a little ahead of schedule and taxiied to runway 34R. From here, we had an average length roll and standard climb for an A320.

runway views

The views were something special including takeoff including seeing rain fall right in front of me.

sunset views

Here’s a look at the menu of drinks that Alaska offers in First Class.


Sunset views are always a treat as we make our way down south towards LA.



At this point service began in the cabin. The purser came by and greeted everyone by name, which I thought was a great touch. There was an MVP Gold 75k member sitting in front of me and the purser thanked him for his loyalty which is always great.She took our drink orders and I went with sparkling water. At this point service is still being done in plastic cups and there’s no indication yet of when glasses will return to First class.

sparkling water

Next, the crew came around with a snack basket. Usually this route has a more substantial snack however that only applies to flights that depart before 8pm. Ours departed at 8:05…..

The choices were KIND bars, granola bars, cookies, popcorn, and some chips. I just chose the granola bar and kind bar and called it a day.

in flight snack
kind bar and granola bar

The rest of the flight was just views.


Soon enough we began our approach into LA and followed the typical traffic pattern that all flights coming from the northwest and from over the Pacific follow.

approach into LAX

Shortly after we had a smooth touchdown on runway 25L and taxi to the gate.

terminal 6

Overall, this flight was eventful but average. The crew were great, even though they got distracted a few times through their service. The food options were paltry but I guess that’s expect for now, though I believe they have now rolled back meals on many routes as of 5/19/21, though I think the post-8PM snack rules still apply to this route and other non-Hawaii/non-transcontinental routes that leave after 8pm.

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