Review: Alaska Lounge Concourse N Seattle SEA

The Alaska Lounge in concourse N is not hard to locate once you arrive at the terminal. Upon entering the main part of the N concourse, if you look up you should see that large Alaska Lounge text.

Alaska Lounge

From here you have the choice of feeling fit and taking the stairs or appealing to one’s normal habits and taking the elevator.

Here are the entry requirements for the Alaska Lounge:

  • Alaska First Class Passenger
  • Alaska Lounge Member
  • Admiral’s Club Member
  • OneWorld Business and First Class Passengers (+1 guest) traveling internationally
  • OneWorld Emerald and Sapphire Members traveling on a OneWorld Airline in any Class (+1 guest)

At the top, there’s a nicely decorated check-in desk and from there you are let into the lounge.


Right after the entrance, there was a couch surrounding a nice cozy-looking fireplace.


There were nice seats along with the window that was facing the apron, and of course, by popularity, all these seats were taken.

Seats facing window

Here’s that fireplace seating I was talking about with the cozy couches. Note below the couches every 3rd seat or so there were power ports below the couches which was nice.

couches and fireplace

There were some more seats along the window which was a nice sight to see.

Seats and couch

The power ports along these orange couches had 2 power ports in between seats.

power ports on orange counches

Towards the left end of the lounge were more seats facing the tarmac.

seats facing tarmac

There were also some booth-style seating which I would say were ideal for families and groups.

booth style seating

Here’s another look back at the booth style seats and tarmac-facing seats from the end of the lounge.

tarmac facing seats and booth

Now on the other side from the entrance was more table-style seating and the bar area.

table side bar

There were lots of seating options around where all the food options were.

More seating options

There was a nice system of green and red papers on each seat and table throughout the lounge. Green paper means that table or seat has been cleaned and disinfected by a lounge attendant meanwhile red meant that the table or seat needed cleaning.

bar area seating

Now comes the food and drinks area.

food and drinks area

The beverages area makes every coffee, cappuccino, etc imaginable. I got some mint tea from here but that was one of many things they had here.

Drinks area

There were also some self serve machines that were temporarily closed for the time being.

self serve drinks

There was a coke machine which was also temporarily closed.

coke machine

The food in the central area had a lot of options, some of which were self serve, others which only the lounge attendant could serve.


There were a lot of nice and fresh options:

ranch, cheeses, salad
salad, turkey wrap
Wild Rice soup

There were condiments provided for the soup.

soup condiments
oreos and crackers
Pancake machine
other snacks

There was some other high-top seating in and around the bar area.

bar seating

And then here is an overlook over the bar area overall.

bar area
seating along wall

And lastly, there was a well-stocked bar with a large variety of drink options.


Overall, this was a very very nice lounge. For a relatively simple airline, there was a wide variety of food options, a wide variety of seating options, and overall a very well-designed lounge. Nice job by Alaska!

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