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After spending some time in Rome Airport’s gorgeous new terminal 3, it was time to board. I’ve never flown EasyJet so this was a fresh perspective to me. The gate number was released maybe 30 minutes before boarding. As soon as I saw that, I took my time in strolling over to the gate which was a bit of a walk. BIG MISTAKE.

By the time I reached the gate, the line was extremely long and already I was getting worried about space for my bags.

Here is an obstructed view of the plane, but the best one I could find.

plane view

After boarding, there was space for my roller bag thankfully and I kept my backpack under my feet.


Now let’s talk about the seat. The seat was as bare as it gets for a low-cost carrier: The seat cushion and back padding were both thin and hard. As for a headrest area, it doesn’t exist.


This is easyJet’s biggest aircraft in their A321Neo and they really tried to stuff as many seats as they could in there.

seat front

If you keep your backpack or personal item under the seat in front of you, your legroom will be virtually 0. If you keep it underneath your legs, you’ll have more stretch room and in this case, legroom was decent. I’m 5′ 10″ or 1.78m for reference.

It is super vital and good that there were individual air nozzles at every seat. The cabin was really warm during the flight and I had to open the air nozzles completely during my flight,

air nozzles and light

There were no power ports which is expected for a lowcost carrier.

wing view

Soon enough, we began taxi for an on-time departure.


After reaching cruising altitude, the crew came around with the cart with all the buy on board items. Let’s have a look at all the things you can get:


I would say the 7 pound meal deal is actually a worthwhile one if you are up for it. You even have the option to pre-order it up to a couple days before the actual flight itself. I didn’t bother since I would be eating at the airport.


However the only free thing you can probably get is a glass of water which is what I asked for and the crew gladly gave me.


Beyond this, I slept for the rest of the flight which was maybe an hour and a half and when I woke up, we were already descending and our landing lights were on.


Then we headed into some low level marine layer just shortly before arrival.


Then we taxiied to our arrival gate at the north terminal and taxiied by some other low cost carriers.

Norwegian 787

Overall, I was alright with the flight. EasyJet is your standard low-cost carrier, so besides your ticket, you will pay for everything else. My seat cost 6 pounds, 30 pounds for extra carry on bag which I thought was steep, and I didn’t want any buy on board items, so thankfully they gave a free glass of water. Would I fly EasyJet again? Probably not because my total cost out of pocket for everything was more than what I would’ve paid on a full-service airline like Alitalia on the same route and I would’ve gotten more.

So ultimately, for those who travel with very little like just a backpack, don’t care where they sit, and don’t fly enough to care about frequent flyer miles and those kinds of aspects, this is the perfect airline to fly. Otherwise, not for me. I’ll definitely be flying British Airways or Alitalia on such a route in the future.

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