Review: Air France Business Class Lounge Terminal 2F Gate F50 (Schengen)

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Well this is quite possibly the shortest review I will write and here is why.

The Schengen lounge at gate F50 is EXACTLY THE SAME in all aspects as the F30 lounge which I thoroughly reviewed here. There is one difference that I will note which is decently important:

In the F30 Schengen lounge, there are different shower and bathroom rooms that can be used.

In the F50 lounge, there are only 2 bathrooms: 1 for men, 1 for women, and a shower room. That was the only difference.


So with that being said, here’s the review for the F50 Schengen lounge:

Right here!!!

Stay tuned for the rest and cheers!

2 thoughts on “Review: Air France Business Class Lounge Terminal 2F Gate F50 (Schengen)”

  1. Hello. How’s everyone? Thanks for sharing your experience and creating this incredible review. It is very helpful for many travelers. I’ve never been in the F50 Schengen. So, this review is pretty interesting and helpful. It gives me a big picture of what I can expect. Overall, do you consider it a nice place to have some food, relax, or have some work done before the next flight? Please keep sharing beautiful articles.

    1. Thanks for reading. Id say yes to absolutely all of the above, except as of the time of this article there were 2 separate Schengen lounges but I believe now there is one giant combined lounge that replaces the 2 individual lounges

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