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As I had showed in the preview to this trip, I only paid £23 for one night at the Premier Inn. This is probably the best value I have ever gotten in my life for a hotel. So let’s look into this hotel.

The Premier Inn Terminal 4 is conveniently conjoined to terminal 4. There’s a long hallway connecting the two and the signage is very clear in the terminal.

Once you enter the hotel through the terminal, you’ll be redirected one floor up where check in is. Here’s what you see once you go up.

seating area

Now check in isn’t like your traditional check-in where you have a human behind a counter and doing stuff on a computer.

There are staff members waiting to check you in but they check you in using the self serve kiosks. From there they and you together fill in a bunch of information that is unrelated to the travel, and finish off any pending payments if you have any. Then you get your receipts and room key printed. Rooms are randomly assigned but I emailed them before hand asking for a high up airport facing view and they followed up with “we’ll try our best”. So we shall see how that went.

check in desks

From there, the elevators are right across from the counters as well as vending machines.

vending machines

Before we head up, let’s check out the rest of this floor where all the main stuff is.

If you keep walking up, you reach a costs coffee shop which I think is inside every Premier Inn.

Costa coffee

Across from that, there were seating options.


One cool aspect is that they also have one proper sit down restaurant across all their hotels. This part changes at certain hotels, but for this hotel it was the Thyme Bar and Grill. Let’s have a look.

bar area

There’s an area to be waiting.


The menu was decent and I found some of everything I needed. Keep in mind the menu online is missing some items that were also there on the menu in house.

There was also a drinks menu.


I decided to give their restaurant a bit of a test run and here’s what I ate. I ate the surf and turf which was standard. The shrimp was ok but the steak was great and perfectly cooked the way I like it.

surf and turf

This was the dessert menu. I was in the UK so I had to have the Sticky Toffee Pudding.


Boy it was delicious. The custard topped with the soft soaked pudding was rich and absolutely phenomenal.


Now that we’ve checked out the restuarant and ground floor features, let’s check out the room.

I was in room 781, on the highest level.

room 781

Of course as with a lot of hotels, to get the electricity to work in the room, you have to insert your room key into a slot to the left of the door.


Right in front when you walk in there was a closet with hangars to hang clothes, extra pillows, and a hair dryer with a mirror.


To the right of that was the bathroom.


The bathroom was pretty much stocked with everything I’d need for a one night stay at the hotel.


The shower was clean and convenient to use. One knob controlled the water temperature, and another knob controlled the water pressure.


There was also shower gel provided inside the shower.

shower gel

By the sink was also some soap to wash your hands.


As for the rest of the room, it was lovely!


The bed was plenty big for one or two people and I especially loved the premier inn sash at the foot of the bed and the neon purple backdrop light.


On both sides of the bed, you have a lamp switch, a power plug, and a switch that turns off the main light. I think that’s brilliantly designed. Rather than having to get up out of bed and go to the main switch by the door, there’s another placed right by your bedside. Well done Premier Inn on this one.

bed side
lamp switch and power plug

Now let’s have a look at the desk.


The desk also had a couple of power switches conveniently placed which I think is quite useful. If I have any single complaint at this point, it’s that I wish the power ports were international standard. I think there are plenty of non-local passengers passing through this hotel on a daily basis that they should have these power plugs be international standard. If this was some small local hotel, no problems, but you are a hotel marketing to a terminal of the 7th busiest airport in the world that serves multiple continents.

power ports

There was also a water kettle which I found great value in and used throughout the day. There were also some teabags and powdered coffee.

tea and coffee

There was also this lounger by the window which was a nice addition to have to an already well stocked room. I didn’t use it very much but it was useful to keep my bag on it for last minute packing and moving things around.


And now the best part, the view! I did have a slightly obstructed view but overall it was great! Huge shoutout to Premier Inn for granting my request. I sat here for hours watching planes take off and land as I worked on previous posts and YouTube videos.


Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this hotel for the money paid. Yes, besides what you see in the room, nothing else is complimentary and the amenities are mostly basic. However given that I paid only £23 for one night at this hotel, I don’t think I can get any better value out of that than just what I have right here. I would happily come back here in a heartbeat if I were flying out of London Heathrow terminal 4. And remember, there’s a covered and sheltered walkway connecting the premier inn to the terminal.

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