Review: United 787-9 Premium Plus Newark to Los Angeles

Review: United 777-200 Business Class Los Angeles to Newark
Review: United 787-9 Premium Plus Newark to Los Angeles

YOUTUBE: United Airlines: Los Angeles to Newark
YOUTUBE: United Airlines: Newark to Los Angeles

After spending a few minutes in the new United club, it was off to the end of the C concourse where my aircraft was waiting to take us to Los Angeles. Boarding began with group 1 at which point I boarded.

4 June 2022
Boeing 787-9

Premium plus comes at 3 rows in a 2-3-2 configuration which is quite comfy.

Here is my seat 20L which is the bulkhead row on the right side of the plane.

seat 20L

The bulkhead row is solid and allows you to get up without interrupting your neighbor, a luxury that the other rows don’t afford.

The one downside is that no matter where you sit in the premium plus cabin if you take a window seat, the view will be obstructed.

wing view

Now lets go through some of the seat features.

The power port and USB port at this seat is hard to find unless you know where you are looking.

They can be found if you look below your armrest between the two seats and towards the back of that. You can kind of see the end of the seat here so its easy to tell where the power ports are. It does seem a little inconveniently placed however the placement is extraordinarily intuitive for charging devices.

power port

In between the seats you have your seat controls as well. Sorry its hard to see but there’s 3 gauges: one for the seat back, one for the leg rest, and another for the foot rest.

seat rest

The center console between the seats is pretty slim, but wide enough to hold drinks.

center console

The tray table comes out the right side of the chair, or the outer side. There’s a little lever that you pull and the tray table comes out.

tray table

Headphones are also provided in the seat pocket.


The seat monitor is stowed in the bulkhead row and it does take some effort to pull out but the response time and quality of the screen is unbelievably fast and good.


We had a pretty on time departure and climbed out of EWR.

wing view

The wing did obstruct a lot of the view but when banking right, it was a good opportunity to get views.


Soon after the crew came around with choice of meal. The two choices were “chicken or pasta” and I went with the chicken option.  For the record this is the exact same chicken dish I had 5 months earlier on this exact same route in business. The morel chicken as this dish is known, is seen on the westbound Newark to LA route. Premium plus gets the same food that business class gets. So passengers in Premium plus are getting a pretty good cut as far as food goes.


The main was a mixed bag. While the polenta was creamy and good, the chicken was quite dry. It’s always hard to get chicken properly cooked on a plane so thats fine but the sauce did add decent flavor to the dish overall.

main dish

The salad was dry as always.


The bread heated, which was nice, but I don’t get why it has to come in the package, it makes the bread soggy.


And then there’s a nuts packet which in business class would be served prior to the meal in a proper ramekin and a post departure beverage service.


The cheesecake was a chocolate chip cheesecake from their usual provider Eli’s cheesecakes and its quite good.


Overall, the meal was alright, nothing special, but given that its the same meal as business, I can’t be too mad.  The quantity of food is definitely a lot for the entire flight.


About midway into the flight, the crew came around with the usual 2 options of a hummus plate or a cheese plate and I went with the latter.

cheese plate

If you weren’t already full, this would make sure that’s the las thing you ate for that day.


For ther rest of the flight, it was just about the wing views and the sun setting as we got closer to LA.


Soon enough, as the sun dipped below the horizon, that was our cue to begin descent into LA.


We had a smooth touchdown onto Runway 25L and a quick taxi over to Terminal 7.

Premium Plus


Overall, the flight was great, The amount of food was great, the seat was great, the crew were fine. The food quality was ok, but that’s a given on United. Premium plus is often priced midway between economy and business on transcon routes, often being closer to business. 

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