Review: United Club Lounge Newark EWR Concourse C, Gate C74

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The United club at gate C74 at EWR is currently the largest United club at the airport. The lounge situation is quite unfortunate here, as two of the club lounges are makeshift temporary lounges. Even the club lounge that’s located next to United’s widebody gates for international flights is a temporary layout and not that great. Thankfully this United club is much better than those ones.

To access this club you must fall into one of these requirements:

  • United Club Members traveling on United
  • Air Canada Worldwide Maple leaf Lounge Members
  • One time pass holders traveling on United
  • United Business Class Passengers
  • United First Class Passengers flying to Canada
  • Passengers connecting to/from Business Class/Polaris Business Class Flights on United Same day
  • Non-United Mileage Plus Star Alliance Gold members traveling on United

To find this lounge, simply navigate your way to gate C74 and it’s right across from the gate. You’ll see a set of stairs to take you there but if you wish there is an elevator right beside the stairs that you can make use of as well.


Once at the top floor, there’s a hallway that leads you to the main lounge area and check-in desks.


Here’s looking back at the entrance where check-in happens.

Lounge check in

From here, this entire lounge is essentially a whole floor overlooking the central area of terminal C at EWR.  There was a lot of seating areas with 5-6 different sections.

This first room had high top seating in the central area and some seats for 4 in the areas around.


Along the window here were tables for 2. And these were there along the entire floor around every corner and you can even see them through the window.


Just to give you a perspective, the lounge covers the entire second floor around this thing and window you see all around and behind is a part of the same United club.


The next room also had high top seating, but this area also had private cubicles for work if needed.


I’d say they have everything you need really with power ports and such.


This room, like the rest of the rooms had tables along the wall.


Like with the other room, there were cubicles in this room as well.


Another room and there were many rows of high top seating here with power ports. One thing great about this club is that its size meant that no particular area was ever crowded for the 3 hours that I was here…..well, except for 2 rooms we’ll see very soon.

lounge seating

There was some water and snacks stationed in the lounge.

water and snacks

And some more seats for 4 directly opposite of that.


And some more along the wall.


This was the room I was seated in during my time here. There definitely was a lot of space and privacy. I do wish there were some tarmac views beyond the minor views you get from this section of the lounge.

more seats

And again, this section also had the office cubicles. There definitely wasn’t a shortage of them.


And now the next room was where there was a fully staffed bar. This area was actually not that crowded when I took this photo, but as the day went on, it became very crowded.


Right next to the bar was plenty of seats around.


The most crowded room during the time that I was there was always the food area, but this is no surprise.


Let’s see what food there was. There were always so many people I didn’t have space to get up close pictures, but I still got all the needed angles. On this side you had UA’s typical chewy brownie (which are delicious by the way!) and some chocolate chip cookies.


On the opposite side, you had…well… the opposite. There were cucumbers diced, some carrots, salads, hummus, pita bread, the typical cheese cubes of sadness, and some typical UA club soups of Minestrone and the tomato soup.


I went to check out the bathrooms and they were fairly clean as well. Nice job keeping a busy bathroom tidy.


That’s pretty much the full lounge, though it’s definitely a larger one.

Overall, United’s lounge situation at EWR is just bad at the moment, but hang through, a brand new 2 story UA club is on the way at Gate C123/C124 area I am told so looking forward to that. But in the meantime, if you are looking for “The” United club for hot food and more amenities, then this lounge is the one you’ll want to come to, even if it’s a bit of a walk.

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