Review: Pop Up United Club Lounge Newark EWR Concourse C, Gate C124

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United’s lounge situation in EWR Airport is horrendous at the moment and certainly in need of a dire upgrade. Unlike any other airport, United has these pop-up lounges which are temporary setups.

As always, the same access rules apply as they do to all clubs:

  • United Club Members traveling on United
  • Air Canada Worldwide Maple leaf Lounge Members
  • One time pass holders traveling on United
  • Passengers connecting to Business Class/Polaris Business Class Flights on United Same day
  • Non-United Mileage Plus Star Alliance Gold members traveling on United
Pop up club entrance

The entrance is nothing special either. It just looks like something that was indeed popped up.

pop-up club

The views were absolutely amazing at the time I entered. The sun was just rising, illuminating the sky and the Manhattan skyline in the back.


Back to the entrance, there were two desks that could check you into the club. I especially liked the large New York wallpaper.


While nothing fancy, it was a nice separation from the terminal, and the right side had the same standard chairs you’ll find in literally any redone UA club ever.


The seats had 2 USB ports and a plug at each seat which I think is great. The clubs aren’t fancy, but they get their utilities right that’s for sure.


There were also the sweet treats and I always take a bag of M & Ms back with me.

snacks and water

There were also some high top tables along the wall with power ports. I find these to be a lot less comfortable actually.


Here’s a look facing the other side from where we came from.


And here’s the other room of the pop-up club, and this is where all the consumables were.

other room

Like the other side, there were also high top seats with power ports on this side.

high top

And there were also lots of table seats for those with food,


And this section had a staffed bar.


Now up until now the pop-up club seems like a normal UA club lounge, but here is where a problem is.

The food is literally all packaged snacks and nothing is prepared fresh by anyone. See for yourself:

granola and bagel

oatmeal and muffin

So as you can see, the selection is pretty measly.


Here’s another look back at the club view from my side.

There was a bar section as I said which had mostly anything would.

cold drinks

Overall, this lounge was functional, though nowhere near what it should be at a hub airport. I am glad a new one is on its way, but it couldn’t get here sooner. From how quickly this lounge can change depending on how many people are using this lounge. Otherwise, despite the lackluster food options I was pleasantly surprised to see what I didn’t experience: a whole lot of crowd and quietness.

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