Review: Qantas International Business Class Lounge Sydney

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After a 6 hour flight, I had roughly 3 and a half hours to spare in the Qantas Lounge in Sydney. I used that time for taking pictures, eating, and showering.

So on the upper floor from the main terminal, Qantas has 2 lounges open for access. One is this Qantas International First Lounge which is for all OneWorld First Class flyers and OneWorld Emerald members. We’ll leave that review for another time. The other Lounge is the Qantas International Business Lounge. That’s the lounge I get access to because of my Sapphire status. Let’s check it out!

So once on the upper floor, you’ll see this signage past the first class lounge entrance to know that you are headed in the right direction.

Business Class lounge

Upon entering and having your boarding pass scanned, you’ll enter this sort of triangle shaped room which has seats throughout the room and booths along the wall on both sides.




Unfortunately these seats did not have any power ports for use.




Behind the seats is a very long and beautifully decorated table/ walk up bar.


This style was similar to the long table that I saw at the Qantas lounge in Singapore where there was a long table set up with drinks and snacks.


At the end of the table, there was some water with lemon and mint in it.


On the other side of the table, there were seats facing the window. Though unfortunately the First Class Lounge is next to the Business class lounge but a little higher, so it obstructed some of the views and looking at the picture below you can see the building in the way of the views some.


Now heading towards the back of the lounge there was more seating.


Then there was some more seating by the window here and this time the seats along the island with the lamps had power ports since those were along the lamps.




As you walk further, to the left comes where all the breakfast items are for the meal. Let’s check it out!


The sausage and bacon were both very good.

sausage and bacon

The same goes for the hash browns and baked beans.

Hashbrowns and baked beans

They even had a display of that they had for breakfast that morning which is nice.


Everything you saw up to now was the hot foods menu, however now let’s check out the cold options they had.






There was also a variety of parfaits.


They also had bircher muesli which is the bottom right item. This one Qantas has it particularly labeled as Neil Perry’s creation and whatever he did, it was very very tasty and simply delicious. I think I took multiple servings of it.

Other items

On top of the foods were also where the plates were.


There was also a section with chilled drinks in this area.

chilled drinks



There’s also a pancake station for those who desire that aspect.

pancake station


toaster and teas
coffee and tea machine

Across from the food was some chilled juices with apple and orange juice here. If that was sitting out long enough, I certainly wouldn’t want to have that juice being that some of it was probably watered down by the ice inside.


Then there was another container which I think had hot water in it.

hot water

Beyond the buffet area, there was a last and final room area where people could sit for use.




One thing that really shocked me across the board is the lack of power points across the entire lounge. This is the food I had on my first serving and tell me that does not look tasty on all fronts. It certainly was tasty.


Now going back to where the triangular room was at the entrance, instead of taking a left to go to the main lounge area, there is a small section to the right of the long table which is really easy to miss and they had a sort of office set up here.

office set up

The computers were macs but you had the option to choose between operating OSX or a Windows OS which I thought was pretty cool.

Lastly, I didn’t take any photos of the bathroom or shower, but here’s a video of that.

The shower came with the necessary items including shampoo, shower gel, towel and bath mats were provided as well.

The lounge also had wifi which I was able to use upon entering and it was pretty fast for basic functions like browsing safari, and accessing social media.

Overall, I was quite happy with the Qantas lounge. The food was good, there was a variety of drinks of all sorts throughout the lounge, there were lots of seats, the views were decent, the computers were useful, the bathrooms and showers were nice, and the wifi was fast. The only issue I had was the lack of power ports. Also when I was there, the lounge was quite crowded but that’s fine considering that a lot of morning flights on Qantas and AA to North American cities, and LATAM to South America and that this is the only One World Lounge for business class passengers and sapphires to access in the entire airport. Star Alliance has an Air New Zealand business class lounge, A Singapore SilverKris business Lounge, and a Singapore SilverKris First Lounge. So given the constraints, the crowd is fine.

Overall despite the minor issues, this was still a great lounge and would be happy to visit again if I were in Sydney on an eligible ticket. Thanks for reading! Cheers!



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