Review: United Domestic Club Lounge SFO

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Review: United Domestic Club Lounge SFO
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So I visited the UA club lounge on the way up to SEA, and the way back, so this review will include photos from both visits, but still, will discuss the same lounge.

Anyways, the club lounge that we visited is near gate 70 in the United terminal which is terminal 3. First, there was this sign, then a long hallway down to the reception desk.


Blurry picture of lounge location

Lots of these are videos so feel free to pause as needed. But this is what the main hall looked like in the club lounge. One thing I noticed was that there was a sort of nautical theme to it as there was the compass design on the floor and there was a model ship to the right, along with a beautiful circular sea-like theme on the ceiling

There were also lots of seating options, and each of these seats had a power port to them which is always appreciated. These couch-like seats were pretty comfortable though and were ideal for eating as well, as you could use the table in between to eat.

For the food options, they were pretty decent for a US carrier non-premium lounge. The food options as you will see below included a decent variety of things ranging from cookies & brownies to celery & carrots, to a couple different kinds of cheeses, to 2 different kinds of hot soups (the Tomato one was fabulous).

Drinks-wise, you have a decent variety ranging from soft drinks to juices to coffee and tea. Unfortunately, both times that I came here, the juice machine was broken. Also, there is a bar for alcoholic beverages on the other side of the lounge. The “other side of the lounge” may seem ambiguous, but this lounge is pretty rectangular. The non-alcoholic beverages and foods are on one side of that rectangle, and the bar is on the other side.


I opted for the tomato soup, which as I said, was fabulous, cucumbers, and some cheddar & Pepper Jack cheese.


The bathrooms were also clean and fancy(ish) although I don’t recall if there were showers or not.

Overall, I think this lounge is decent for what it is. It’s definitely nothing like LAX’s star alliance business or first class lounge, but for a mere elite status lounge, it’s good. There is a good variety of foods and drinks which give this lounge a good rating from me. However, one thing I wish they would adjust is the lack of nonveg options. Both times, there were no nonvegetarian options. Ultimately, this doesn’t mean the end of the world, but it’s definitely nice to have some non-veg options, but otherwise, I think this lounge is alright.

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