Review: United Airlines Economy Plus A320-200 Seattle to San Francisco

Review: United Airlines Economy A320-200 Los Angeles to San Francisco

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Review: United Airlines Economy Plus A320-200 Seattle to San Francisco

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Review: United Airlines Economy Plus A320-200 San Francisco to Los Angeles

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YOUTUBE: United Airlines: San Francisco to Seattle

YOUTUBE: United Airlines: Seattle to San Francisco

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And so after our short trip to Seattle, it’s time to head back to Los Angeles, but we will be doing so via San Francisco. We begin by arriving at Seattle Airport by car, which we had to return first since it was a rental car. But After arriving in the terminal, we headed straight into security, which wasn’t that crowded. Nevertheless, we still used the TSA pre-check line since we were eligible and that made the line even shorter. After that, we didn’t have much time just like the last time I flew out of Seattle, but I still had time for photos. There were quite a few restaurants in the terminal including a Vino Volo which is a place I see pop up at many airports near me too such as LAX and SNA. But here are some photos I got before heading to my gate:

Delta 737-800
Delta 737-800W
Hainan A330-300, British Airways 777-300ER, and United E175
My United A320 to SFO

United Airlines

SEA-SFO Airbus A320-200

So we were in economy plus and this was free because of my United gold status which allows me and anyone traveling with me to select an economy plus seat without any additional cost. The only difference between the normal economy and economy plus seats are that the economy plus seats have just a couple inches more pitch ( more distance between your seat and the seat in front of you= more legroom). Also, the economy plus seats have a power port in between each seat. But the seat is the same bad seat that I went into great detail in my flight from Orange county to Seattle so I won’t go into too much detail about them here. I will highlight, however, that the seat itself is slim, the back leather is very thin and hard, but the seat where you sit is perfectly alright.


After everyone boarded, we started our engines and began the long taxi to our departure runway at 16L. I got some pretty interesting traffic on the way there.


Iceland Air 757-200
Hainan A330-300 to Beijing
Delta 757-200W
Polar Air Boeing 747-400F

After reaching the end and holding short for a little, we had rapid roll down the runway.

After our departure, we turned a little bit to the west which allowed a lovely shot back at the airport:


We climbed to our cruise altitude and we got lovely views of Olympic National Park on our way up. The views outside were also great, especially as the sun was starting to sink in the sky.


At the point, snack service began, and this time I actually took a video of the zesty ranch mix that I’ve mentioned so much. And of course, I had it with some sparkling water which is always my favorite drink.

A snack mix and a drink are perfectly good for a sub 1.5-hour flight, and the crew was definitely a little more cheery on this flight than on the way up to Seattle, and I think the time of day might have contributed a little to that.

Well, our approach to SFO began after this and it was a lovely view down the golden coast as we started preparation for arrival.


There are always some slight crosswinds when arriving into SFO, but the landing was smooth and we taxied to the gate


United 787-9

Overall, another uneventful, but pleasant flight with United. Unlike some other airlines that don’t serve any non-beverage item on a much longer flight, United actually gave something on this short flight even if it includes pretzels. I think the seat isn’t the best, but it’s ok since this flight was short.  I have one more United flight to go for now, but do be sure to check out my review of the United Club Lounge at SFO next.

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