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Well, this is my last Southwest flight for a while, and therefore my last review with them too. I consider Southwest to have the best overall crew in the world. That showed clearly with my other 2 flights with them, but somehow that did not translate on this last sector. Anyways, more on that later.

We are in Las Vegas here, which means slots. Always interesting to see this at an airport, even though technically I’m not supposed to be recording anyone using them.

Moving on, we were in the Southwest terminal here as well, so here ae some more southwest planes:


After some watching and spotting, we had to change terminals to go to where our flight would be departing from. It did not require us to exit the airport, but we just had a little bit of a walk. Too bad our flight was delayed by almost an hour.

It finally arrived!


About an hour of waiting, we finally began the boarding process and our walk down the jetway took a whole 10 minutes, which is very long.

Southwest Airlines

LAS-LAX Boeing 737-700

We took the 3 seats on the right side of the wing and just behind it.


Southwest 737 to Ontario

While waiting, I had this egg bagel that I got from inside the airport, and I am sad to say that it was very bland.



Anyways, we quickly tried to get everyone on board and out so that we could get out of Las Vegas and make up for lost time on the ground. That didn’t end up happening since everyone took ages to pick a seat and do so quickly. But eventually, we did get out and taxied to our takeoff runway.

IMG_2603 IMG_2606IMG_2614

After we took off, the bumps immediately began, which is a normal thing in Las Vegas, but my god the views of the strip were absolutely amazing. You can see several hotels below: The green one is MGM Grand, the Pyramid is Luxor, the golden building next to Luxor is Mandalay Bay (which I’ve stayed at before and it’s amazing!). Excalibur is a little hard to see but its the castle just north of Luxor, and much more are down below.


Even after reaching cruise altitude, there were still bumps.


Now here’s a funny story for you: The above picture is Las vegas, and the below picture is Los Angeles. These 2 pictures were taken 15 minutes apart. That’s how incredibly close they are. It wasn’t until about now that our snack service began. I appreciate Southwest for even doing a full snack service considering how short this flight was. But that’s just Southwest for you.


I had my usual sparkling water to finish off the day.



We were descending when they gave us the pretzels. The crew apologized over the intercom to the passengers who just got their beverages and snacks and said that they needed to drink it up quickly since they needed to collect service items asap. So I quickly inhaled all the pretzels and my sparkling water, and that was done.


LAX always has this very low altitude marine layer shift in during the late night early morning hours, so the below picture has that in the sky. Our touchdown was fairly smooth and it took a good 15 minutes to taxi to our gate since we landed on 25L and terminal one, where Southwest is, was all the way on the other side at the north side of the airport.


Thankfully we taxied by Tom Bradley International Terminal which is always a joy to spot, so there are those below:


Qantas A380
Qantas A380s
Virgin Austrailia 777-300ER


Air NewZealand 777-300ER
Air New Zealand 777-200
A view back at TBIT
Parked at terminal 1

As soon as I deplaned, this BA was coming to takeoff and it was a great view. I put the takeoff clip in my youtube video for this flight. It was a marvel to see. This is actually the same flight I flew a year before this flight (my review of this flight) and it was overall a good flight.


As my lovely time with all my Southwest flights come to an end, I truly enjoyed them. Low-cost carriers tend to be miserable, which is why I avoid Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant as much as possible. But Southwest is an excellent low-cost carrier. They consistently have an amazing crew, full service of beverages and snacks, even on this 40-minute flight which is something Air Canada failed to on a 5.5 and 6-hour flight.So kudos to Southwest. Unfortunately, on this flight, the crew didn’t have the same spark the other crew had, but they were still very nice, which proves to show how the crew can still be amazing if not the best. Though it will be a while, I cannot wait for the next time I fly Southwest!



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