Review: Southwest Airlines 737-800 Economy Milwaukee to Las Vegas

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Review: Southwest Airlines 737-800 Economy Milwaukee to Las Vegas
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Hello everyone, welcome back to this next installment of our journey across the country. This time we will be flying to Las Vegas On Southwest Airline’s Next Generation 737-800Ws.

Milwaukee airport is not very big compared to other airports, but it isn’t small either. The Southwest terminal had a good amount of people as we entered to drop off our bags. General security lines were not that long, but we used the TSA pre-check lines which made the process even faster. Our flight was at 3:30 PM, and there wasn’t too much crowd at that time. I don’t know Milwaukee Airport’s timetable as well as I know LAX or Mumbai’s timetable, so I can’t really say which times of the day has more crowd at the airport. Once past security, we came to an area where there were restaurants in all directions.

There was a room that had a display of what Milwaukee Airport looked like in the 1950s, and the model was pretty cool:

After spending a couple minutes there, we went to find our gate and came to realize our plane hadn’t come yet, which is the norm on Southwest flights. Their flights are often delayed and have a very short turnaround. Coincidentally, our aircraft that we were going to fly to Las Vegas was coming from Las Vegas, and it was actually decently on time. I went to spot other planes in the terminal nearby.

Delta 757-300W
Southwest 737-700

I got some pizza while waiting for my flight, and my god it was great. It was undeniably unhealthy, but it was some great pizza.

Enter a caption
my ride to Las Vegas

Boarding began and we had zone A52 this time which is pretty good. The jetways always get crowded on Southwest flights, so I was expecting the long walk down the jetway. For the first time in a while, I took a picture of the aircraft outside the jet door.



Southwest Airlines

MKE-LAS Boeing 737-800

The seats on this aircraft were basically identical to the seats on my last trip report. Also, I went into great detail about the seat and the crew the last report so I won’t go into too much detail. All I will highlight is that the seat has enough legroom for the average person as long as you don’t stuff the bottom of the seat in front of you. Also, the crew is consistently the best all around in the world in my opinion. IMG_2516

After quickly boarding, our crew did the safety demo, and we pushed back facing east. After starting engines, our taxi took a good 10 minutes to arrive at the runway.


We had a near full power takeoff and probably because we had a full flight and lots of bags. Southwest has the most generous baggage policy in my opinion and it’s one that many will fully take advantage of. Each passenger is allowed 2 check-ins and 2 carry-on baggage which is amazing in my opinion.

Our flight proved to be quite turbulent overall, and those chops started as soon as we went about 2,000 feet in the air.


climb to cruising altitude
Cruising altitude

Service began at this point with the usual peanuts and cheese nips, along with some coke. The crew, once again, proved to be amazing. They cracked jokes with every passenger upon serving them, and it was different with every passenger from what I heard. This is what I loved about Southwest compared to other airlines.


Best of all, I always love a refreshing carbonated drink at 36,000 feet.


We passed through a giant storm system that was causing some serious shakes on that plane. Eventually, the captain decided to manually steer the plane to FL390 (39,000 feet) to avoid the rest of the storm. It was still bumpy but all that subsided after passing the clouds. But the views were gorgeous for the rest of the flight, and even getting into Las Vegas.


This is the sky interior ceiling of the next generation 737s.




Rear end galley

The crew came and did another service before landing. This time I had sparkling water with lime. I love sparkling water!!


At this point, our descent had begun, and guess what? Yep, that’s right! That was also bumpy. But this time I was expecting it. I have never had a takeoff/landing in vegas where there was no turbulence. Because Vegas has consistently hot weather, which creates a lot of uneven air gaps on your way down in the area. So those thermals which cause the uneven air is what causes the turbulence. But we landed smoothly and we got a view of the whole strip on final. If you see the landing on my youtube channel for this flight, you will see the amazing view of the strip. But we had a 5 minute taxi to our gate and that was pretty much it for this round of fun.



Southwest 737-800 split scimitar

Overall, another great flight with a great crew from SW. A bumpy, but a good flight. Always a pleasure to fly with SW and wouldn’t mind doing so again.




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