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Hello everyone, sorry for the long delay on this post. My laptop’s display was malfunctioning, so I had to wait 4 days for it to be fixed locally, but all is well now. So to the report!

After spending about an hour and a half in DXB’s terminal 3, which I’ll have an overview of on the way back, we headed to our boarding gate which was B18.  After getting our boarding passes verified, we went down a set of escalators and reached a second waiting area. After that, we got on the plane through the forward door on the main deck


Emirates A380

The seat was pretty much the same as what it was on my last flight and I reviewed it thoroughly there so I won’t go into too much detail here. But I will note that unlike my seat on my last flight, my seat here, 49K, was missing a plug power outlet. And it wasn’t all the seats, it was just my seat. So keep that in mind while choosing seats. Ultimately, there was still a USB port at my seat that I could use if needed, but I didn’t need it now.


And here’s another A380 right next to us

Emirates A380

The crew came around offering plastic cups of water before departure. Great! It’s always good to drink a lot of water on a plane.


Menus were handed out pre-flight this time unlike my last flight from Los Angeles.




The options looked delicious, and quite so they would turn out to be, but more on that later.

Shortly after we began our pushback.


There was some traffic along our taxi to runway 12R.

Jet Airways 737-800
Emirates 777-31H ER
A380 wing

Soon we were cleared for takeoff and had a long takeoff roll, surely given the heat making the air thinner.

But the views of the city were beautiful.



After climbing for a while, we hit the Arabic Sea. The photo below is a picture Muscat, Oman.

Mood light

After a little while longer, dinner service had begun.

dinner boxed

I chose the mutton biriyani and I got the last one too. Lucky me!


dinner unboxed

This was one of the overall better meals that I’ve had in a while. The appetizer was a salad with a single potato cutlet and chutney. The chutney was tasteless and did not have any spice like it should have had. But that was the only bad part. The potato cutlet tasted good and the salad was fresh. The Biriyani was delicious! The rice itself and the mutton were cooked well but could use a little more taste. That’s where the lentil curry was perfect. After mixing the lentil curry with the biriyani, the combination was very flavorful. The dessert is carrot halwa. It was perfectly sweet, and the texture was just right. Even the bread tasted better than the normally cold, hard bread that airlines give in economy. But I was full when I got to the bread, but it was good too. Overall, the meal was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now I did not take anymore photos after the flight because there was simply nothing else to take photos of. But descent began about 20 minutes after meal trays were collected. From there we had some small chops through the monsoon clouds but nothing too bad. We had a smooth touchdown about 10 minuted late, which is not bad.



We passed by an Air India 747 on the international side. Air India’s 747 is a rare sight nowadays.

Air India 747-400

Finally we arrived at our gate.


Here’s a final view from the terminal:

Our plane

Overall, this was a great flight. I’m a little bummed my seat got unlucky and did not have a power plug, but ultimately everything else was great. The seat was comfy, there were blankets, headphones, and great food. Kudos to EK on another great flight.






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