Review: US Pre-Clearance Facility Abu Dhabi

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Review: Jet Airways Economy 737-800 Pune to Abu Dhabi
Review: US Pre-Clearance Facility Abu Dhabi
Review: Etihad Airways Economy 777-200LR Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles

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So more than a review, this post is meant to inform. I’ll be honest, if I were to review the pre-Clearance facility, I would flat give it a -100/10. I hated it that much.

For information wise, the pre-clearance facility is an intense security procedure that passengers go through ONLY IF they are on a flight from Abu Dhabi to any city in the United States of America. In my case, I was flying to Los Angeles so I would need to use the pre-clearance facility. Basically, once you get through the pre-clearance facility, you are in a separate part of terminal 3 where you cannot go back and only US flights leave from there, which includes gates 58-61. Here is how it goes:

Hope this helps and sorry for the lack of photos, I did not want to risk getting caught for anything, given my past experience of AUH staff telling me to delete photos and videos I have taken. But otherwise,  please let me know if you ever have any questions. Onto the return flight to LAX.

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  1. Sir, the post was really useful. But I have a question after the getting down in adbu dhabi airport we’ll directly go to us precl. or any other security check is there? How was the immigration? Can you brief it sir? I have only 3hrs layover in abudhabi so is time enough for me?? Email me:

    1. Wow! I can’t believe I didn’t see this. I’m sure its too late but in case not, here is the answer to your question. Yes there is a general security you have to clear to enter the departures area again. Once that is done, the pre-clearance facility is a separate facility you have to use to enter a separate part of terminal 3 where only US flights will depart from. Again, Sorry for the year late notice I didn’t see this but hopefully it’s not too late.

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