Review: Air Canada Economy A319-100 Montreal to Los Angeles

Review: Air Canada Economy A319-100 Los Angeles to Montreal
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Review: Air Canada Economy A319-100 Montreal to Los Angeles

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YOUTUBE: Air Canada: Montreal to Los Angeles


After a decent flight from Air Canada, it was time for the last journey on this lengthy trip, however, as I said in my previous post, this one was extremely boring.

Upon arrival into Montreal, we had to re-clear security. However, even though US-bound flights are an international destination, but Montreal has a special terminal and facility that is exclusively for US-bound flights, which is a common trend that is starting to manifest at other airports across the world. So we went through a rather intense security compared to a normal airport security and got our passports stamped. After that, you walk through through the duty-free, and you are back at the departures side, and my god was it boring. Unfortunately, this terminal is blocked off from the international terminal so I could not do any exciting spotting, though I did catch a few interesting planes, but the rest were meh.


Air Canada Express E175
Air Canada Express E175
Air Transat A330-300
Air Canada Rouge 767-300ER


Lufthansa A340-300
Swiss International Airlines A330-300
Air Canada A319-100


After spotting, we basically sat at the terminal for a couple of hours and did nothing. I caught up on some work using the airport’s horrendous wifi and a VPN. If you are going to put us in this crummy US terminal, at least give us some Verizon or AT&T connection.

Soon enough, boarding had begun. The walkway was quite long to the aircraft since the jetway anteroom had a few zig zags, but soon we were at the door of what would be an unsatisfying flight

Air Canada

YUL-LAX Airbus A319-100

I actually managed to score a preferred seat on this flight. It was actually a lot more spacious for legroom with these seats, though not much wider.


Looking outside, you could see a lot of the international terminal’s airplanes. Here’s an Air Canada Rouge 767-300ER that had arrived from Rome.


Air Canada Rouge 767-300ER

And a beautiful Qatar 777-300ER in its One World Livery

Qatar Airways 777-300ER “One World” Livery
Delta Connection CRJ-200
Air Transat A310-100


Air France A340-300

We taxied out to runway 24L where our takeoff runway was. After a strong engine roar, we rotated and climbed for a bit before beginning any turns. Soon we turned to the west and continued our climb from there. The views were great throughout, I wish the same could be said about the service for sure.

view on our climb



On the first Air Canada flight, we were served no food items on the 5.5-hour flight, not even peanuts or pretzels. I thought maybe the crew forgot and they would remember here, but even on the return journey, there was no snack, only the standard “coke with ice and lemon”


However, one thing that I did notice across all of my Air Canada flights is the frequent servings of water. That is one aspect of AC that very much impressed me because AC is one of the few airlines that actually proactively offers water frequently throughout the whole flight, but that is far from any reason that I would fly them transcontinentally. The rest of the 6-hour return flight we were only served water and another round of drinks at the end. Pretty disappointing


Cruising Altitude
About 45 minutes out from LAX

So we got 2 rounds of drinks and water on a 6-hour flight, once again, not good at all. We had a smooth touchdown at LAX a little past 7 PM on runway 25L which is on the south side of LAX. We taxied past Tom Bradley, but sadly being on the left side there was nothing to see but hangars. Eventually, we parked at Terminal 2. Because we US-bound passengers already get pre-cleared at Montreal, you simply land in the US and leave, no immigration required.




Overall, this was not a good flight in my opinion. I would expect that for a 6-hour transcontinental flight, some food item is served and at least peanuts or pretzels or something else standard. I see Air Canada as being better than the 3 major US carriers. but even now, American has introduced free meals on certain transcon flights and Delta will soon be doing so as well. So Air Canada has a lot to catch up on. As I end my journies with Air Canada I think that a couple unique aspects I really liked were the consistent and frequent offering of water and the crew. The crew on all of my Air Canada flights were very nice, and I wish all crew could be this way. Unfortunately, that is where the good ends. If I had to fly transcontinentally to Canada again, I would do it in Air Canada business, but if I had to fly economy, I’d go with a US carrier for sure. Stay tuned for my next trip within the country on a lot of Southwest (best crew on average) and a little bit of United.




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