Booking the Trip: Amtrak Ride to San Diego and back

Booking the Trip: Amtrak Ride to San Diego and back
Review: Amtrak Coach Class Santa Ana to San Diego Old Town
Review: Amtrak Pacific Business Class San Diego Old Town to Santa Ana

Now I know the first thing that’s going to come to your mind is something along the lines of “Why in the world are you reviewing a train ride” or “Your channel name is the aircraft king, not the train king”. I got it, I don’t exactly know why I’m reviewing a couple of train rides either, but I guess it always good to be able to offer an idea to everyone about how certain travel experiences are and how they will be. Trains are no exception, especially here on the west coast of US, so let’s get right into the booking details. Plus there is still a couple more weeks until my busy week of flying starts so I definitely want to post something in the meantime. After all, I am all about “giving you a wide array of travel reviews”.

So we were going from Santa Ana to San Diego old town. Yes, Santa Ana is also where John Wayne Airport is. Anyways, more importantly, the train prices were fairly cheap across the board starting at just $26 one way. But my cousin was also coming so there’s a price for 2. But I wanted to review both economy and business class. So here was the outbound price for the timings that I liked:

Amtrak outbound Price

So this is the price for 2 people like I had said, starting at $26 one-way per person, so $52 for two people. For those of us who spend our time and efforts in the world of flights, fare classes for train rides might be hard to visualize what they mean and include. So here’s a chart for that:

Amtrak Fare Chart

So for the outbound, there was only value tickets available, no saver. But as I had said, prices are still cheap. Then we would spend the day in San Diego just walking around a bit and eating a lot of course. Now the return journey. Keep in mind that unlike flight prices which for the same route at different times have different prices, all the prices are the same for train times.  So that outbound $52 was the same at all times in the day,

Now the return journey in business class. I wanted to review both so people can decide whether its worth the upgrade. The price is the exact same for the outbound as well. Keep in mind that the prices shown below are for two people since I was not the only one traveling.

Amtrak return journey

So I took the business class seats and that wraps the booking.

The total came out to be $130.00. I know this is a strange review compared to my other usual reviews, but I hope you will enjoy these nonetheless. The normal overload of flight reviews will return at the end of July with plenty of flight reviews on new airlines to the channel. Thanks again, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any about the train rides, prices, or even anything about the normal flight related stuff.

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